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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Chocothunda. I was originally a mod at silabsoft a little over a decade ago which introduced me to the RSPS world. I later joined several other similar communities where I've learned invaluable lessons and met many friends that I still speak to today. I've been away from the scene while finishing up my undergraduate and currently working on my graduate studies, but just finished a milestone which has freed up much of my time; and as a result I've been searching for hobbies and passions to pursue and found myself checking out something I remember always enjoying: RSPS communities. It seems much of it has died down since my last time here so can't say for sure how long I'll stick around, but it's really nice to see some familiar names after my long hiatus. In my spare time, I particularly enjoy climbing, attending music festivals, photography, surfing, driving through the mountains, and playing overwatch. Looking forward to catching up and getting to know some of you better.
  2. I was looking into the Electra jailbreak for 11.1.2 however decided against it once hearing that Saurik plans to move away from jailbreakd when he releases the new Cydia for iOS 11. Also fun fact: found out I'm neighbors with him and that we go to the same school. Fan boy'd hard when I ran into him at 2AM in our local deli and got a picture with him lol.
  3. You should update the original post, there's white words on a white background making it hard to read the features without highlighting.
  4. Welcome back.

  5. I couldn't redu the real RuneScape's exact grand exchange, so I made a npc and had it open an interface. Basically you sell your items and it stays there till another user purchases. Nothing to complex, but still functional and fun.
  6. *Credits 100% to EmpireScape* Some Features: -All skill cape emotes working -Amazing New Home Area! -Custom Client Shop! -RuneScape Like Teleporting! -Timers for Teleporting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrD9fpuugEk -Fog -Dragon Anarchy Minigame! -Grand Exchange -Castle Wars -Clan Wars -Duel Arena Pictures: Source Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?i85zxmbdk42o8li Client Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jlqzzoxgwzn
  7. [Outdated, no longer in service]
  8. Odd. Your IP's may have been blocked by the CSF firewall. If any of you are extremly interested, you could PM me your IP, and I can remove it from the list.
  9. Yeah sure, sorry I was gone for a while.

  10. Grats on administrator! ;)

  11. Can you change the nameservers on my site? I have www.Gregs-stuff.info or .net, I forgot which, to ns1.orangeserve.com and ns2.orangeserve.com