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  1. The way I learned it, was to always define instance variables private, and use getter and setter methods to access it: [CODE]private int x; public int getX() { return x; } public void setX(int x) { this.x = x; }[/CODE] but if you're going to modify the variable, shouldn't you just declare it public and directly access it instead of going through the trouble of writing a bunch of getters or setters? I understand that getters are useful if you want to access the variable, but not modify it. But what about setters? I think it's better to only define variables private when I won't be modifying them outside of the class.
  2. Just because it's a single statement block doesn't mean you can't put brackets.
  3. [QUOTE]need a source I can code from scratch[/QUOTE] This doesn't really make sense. Do you mean a source where only the bare bones have been implemented?
  4. [QUOTE]my computer doesn't support java 1.7.[/QUOTE] My Macbook is 6 years old.
  5. Are there any servers for 742 written for java 1.6? All of the ones I could find were only written in 1.7, and my computer doesn't support java 1.7. Was going to change the code to work with 1.6, but changing the switch with Strings and casting to primitives would take forever. + eclipse doesn't pick the error up for some reason.
  6. The only syntax error is the first one. You need to add it after you find [CODE]switch (objectType) {[/CODE] If you can't find the stuff in your code, then you're probably using a different source or you deleted something. If it's the latter, try getting another clean source and try again.
  7. ikr? I have no idea how to test for Opcodes and deob the client though.
  8. [CODE]public CameraMoveAction(Player p, int delay, int x, int y, int speed, int height) {[/CODE] [CODE] public CameraRotateAction(Player p, int delay, int x, int y, int speed, int angle, int height) {[/CODE] Does this help?
  9. The programming on the server side without networking is pretty easy to me now. I just can't understand how the client sends packets and stuff and how it's translated into shorts. The only networking I've done is with kyronet, and that just sends objects directly over the internet. Is there a specific guide to how to tests for which packets do what? The client is so obfuscated that I figure anything out by myself. I'm pretty much just wondering how other people learned how to code a server from scratch.
  10. I've been doing some Topcoder, and there's a bunch of dynamic programming problems in the competition. It takes forever for me to realize that I can write a recursive backtracking solution, but as soon as I can, I can write the algorithm pretty quickly. Problem is, by then, the programming phase is pretty much over. I can write the solution pretty quickly if someones tells me it's a dp problem. Do you guys have some kind of test that you do to see if it's dp?
  11. Ok. Thanks for the help anyways guys :)
  12. The memory of being a leecher is pretty embarrassing. Wouldn't want that when they search my name for college applications. I'd probably want to start over with a new name. Game development just isn't my kind of thing anymore. I like doing hard logic problems like dp.
  13. Ok, so I'm going to college pretty soon, and I haven't used runelocus in like 3 years. I pretty much leeched off of a bunch of other people back then and my programming ability was pretty damn depressing. I was hoping if one of the mods/admins would be willing to delete my account or all the threads/comments I made.
  14. Is there a new cache download link? [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17120293/titancache.zip[/url] (link found in client settings) doesn't seem to work anymore. edit: never mind, just copied the cache in the server into where the cache is supposed to be.
  15. any good 3D graphics library out there that uses objects? I tried using LWJGL but all the classes are static