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  1. lol well what was your in game name? Sorry I had been on vacation so I am replying now. I might be looking for mod spots soon. Depends on how big we can get with advertisements and so forth. Main thing I need an intro video done (i suck at making videos).
  2. Why yes there is https://discord.gg/ha6Trq I will update main post to reflect that. Thanks.
  3. All I can see is what looks like a normal image if a 317/oldschool server. The issue is on your PC. Try playing with the aspect ratio.
  4. I see no blurring. have you tried right clicking your desktop background to change the aspect ratio?
  5. thanks. its no longer 876 but a stable 831 that doesnt null on its own lol. idk what happened but 876 has lots of issues.
  6. Yea something happened (after a 3 month stress test) to the server that happens to be unknown in origins. So I have now changed to the 831 that I used to host. It is now back. Links have been changed as well.
  7. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Yggdrasil
  8. Yggdrasil is my new server I am bringing out. A lot of changes are in the future here. So when you join don't expect it to remain the same way it is as I am going for close to rs emulation with lower exp rates. I am always open to suggestions as far as what content you may want to see. I have added a special boss that you can do for fun called Skeletal Horror. It has 4 stages of battle and he hits pretty hard. I suggest prayer potions and food. I am currently doing the dev work along with a helper of mine, we decided to team up. I think most of you know me for my prior works and I know some of you enjoyed them. > All skills trainable > Skeletal Horror (Old boss but nobody has him besides me with full combat script/by the limestone quarry) > Hydrix gems (creating gems from incomplete hydrix+onyx/jewelry making/enchanting) > GE (Player based so it's more legit) > Lunar magics (heal group and tele group spells working great) > Priff pillar farming > Proper Runespan > Equipment Interactions (right click said equipped item like Gold torch to use its special emote) > Giant Mole (updated) > Vorago / Rise of six (still needs some tweaking but they are do-able/All bosses besides araxxor working right now) > Pest Control > Bonds (used for membership) Website : Link Forums : Link Client : Link Discord: Link
  9. there is a place to do so. Go to the digsite and go down the rope.
  10. Yggdrasil runs great just can't seem to make it public for a friend and I to dick around on.. Any tips? Thanks -RPGFiend

    1. Chronicscape


      If it is the 831 that is rather simple. Change IP in a few files and thats it. Should look for CHANGE IP text in the files for the client. Otherwise if that doesnt work let me know.

  11. Tha just means you have exceeded the free daily limit. Try again.
  12. it did not come with a cache. I may change the link to the full release with client/cache/source and all that stuff I use for it.
  13. Next month I willmost likely set up a good vps for it. My test phase is done. Just finishing setting up a few more changes. But if youd like to be a tester even for new content and access it first let me know and at that time I will send you the client/website.
  14. How are you trying to run it really? Ports open? And which IPs did you change? Changing the wrong one could result in this issue.