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  1. Hello Ginger pothead.

  2. Coded

    Can't enter UEFI

    I can't seem to enter UEFI when I have my windows HDD connected. When I press the keys(it says on POST), the first key(f2) does nothing. DEL takes me to select which OS I want to boot from(Since I only have one boot drive, it only sees Windows). I don't understand why it asks which OS I want when there is only one. Before resetting CMOS, I wasn't even able to enter the UEFI with/without the Windows drive. Specs: Asus tower(CM 6730) OS Windows 7
  3. Hola Señor Irish hombre.

  4. Ye Old Mexican. You are very wierd, but in your own special way.
  5. Coded

    A cry for help!

    I'm sorry for your loss. Your dog was cute. I recently lost an animal as well(a cat), she would have been 12 this september.
  6. Coded

    Do you have a mic?

    [quote name='Free Weasel']Wouldnt the teamspeak chats get way over crowded?[/QUOTE] Naw. I have a mic as well. I say we get a ts3 server going!
  7. Why aren't you on that acc? Can you not recover it?
  8. Delete: I thought it would combine my dps. :(
  9. Get married, have kids, own a house, get a brand new car. [HR][/HR][quote name='MrAvid']My goal is to become a professional network marketer before the age of 21 and a millionaire by the age of 25! ;)[/QUOTE] The last thing: Keep dreaming. The chances of you becoming a millionare by some age is very rare close to 2%, anyways good luck!
  10. Coded

    1st Tat

    I would only get something that means something to you. I wouldn't get a tattoo because it "looked cool", I guarantee you will regret getting that cool tattoo when you get older.
  11. Braces alone aren't that bad. It kinda stings for a few days after you get new wires/change colors every 6mos or so. That besides wearing rubber bands are the only true source of pain, otherwise they don't hurt. Advice: If you have to wear rubber bands/when you are done with them, wear your retainer. It'll help so that you don't have to have them again(I speak from experience.)
  12. I enjoy football. Also, if this counts as a sport(I don't know tbh.): Airsoft.