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  1. I can't babe, had hard drive crash and I haven't gotten a new photoshop crack yet ._.

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Heya! I was wondering wether you were from RSPSDesigns since your name seemed familiar, I used to be a designer there :)

  4. Happy birthday :)

  5. Happy birthday :)

  6. Happy birthday Chris!

  7. Oh woops sorry, didn't know that

  8. Happy 77th birthday I guess :)

  9. Happy birthday :)

  10. Hello? Why are you ignoring me? I still haven't recieved the payment for the banner i did last night, when are you going to send it?

  11. Could you tell me once you've sent the cash? Oh, and if you want i can also help out with other stuff (avatars,signatures, website designs etc) if you have skype just add me , zeerslim ([email protected])

  12. What exactly are you buying? The design of a toplist banner?

  13. darn, come on skype either today/tomorrow and i'll make it, i forgot about it :S

  14. How did the design go? I haven't heard from you for quite a while. Did you manage to code & sell it?

  15. Nope, i've never doing anything like that before, ofcourse i'm willing to do it for free, add my msn, [email protected]

  16. Sure, and when would you like me to make them?

  17. Like T-shirt designs or something?

  18. Congrats on Contributor :)

  19. Photoshop CS3 , and it's best to look up some tutorials before starting.

  20. Happy birthday