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  1. Oboe

    Dicing+Ban command

    I can add dicing, or help you add, do you have Skype?
  2. Oboe

    Were to put the Cache

    If you are using Alex's client, which you will be, look in ClientSettings.java
  3. Oboe

    Shop issues

    Hey guys, me again. I've been trying some things out and after adding some shops, well attempting to, only 2 out of the ones I made work and have no idea why. If you guys need any more information let me know and would appreciate all the help I can get.
  4. Oboe

    shops Error

    Processing a new jar isn't an issue. Did you add an NPC for the shop(s)?
  5. Why don't you just follow the rules and then you'd have no problem?
  6. Thanks for this, looks really good. Will have a mess-around to see what I can do.
  7. I've noticed that sometimes when someone dcs or something, and then log back in, they may have a duplicate. I have no idea how to fix this nor have I seen a tutorial or snippet. If you would be kind enough to enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Oboe

    Scammers suggestion

    [quote name='Dean']Because those forums or communities focus on black-marketing and black-marketing only. RuneLocus is a community for RSPS 'assistance' and resources.[/QUOTE] Which would link back to my original point.
  9. Oboe

    Scammers suggestion

    [quote name='Dean']I don't know what blackmarket you're talking about, and I don't care. This is RuneLocus. You can't determine the likelihood of getting scammed supported by vouches.[/QUOTE] I'm not referring to the vouches, but in fact the support and the assurance that if someone has previously been caught and proved scamming then they will be banned, permanently. Which would stop things like what you're speaking about from occurring.
  10. Oboe

    Scammers suggestion

    I guess it just boils down to the point of this; if you're looking to complete a trade; use one of the more popular black-markets. -They're cheaper -Their support is at a much greater level -Your likelihood of being scammed is greatly decreased, assuming you aren't retarded
  11. Oboe

    Scammers suggestion

    [quote name='Dean']Because RuneLocus 'doesn't endorse or support the blackmarket'.[/QUOTE] If this is the case, there can not be RuneLocus endorsed OMM's (whatever they're called) and also, if it's looked at in that regard, my question is why is there a market in the first place?
  12. Oboe

    Scammers suggestion

    In my opinion if an individual has been proven to be a scammer, they should either be banished from all the market related areas or, preferably, banished from the forums altogether. I really don't see why it isn't this way. It works for all the large black-markets so why would you (RuneLocus) not follow the path? It's besides me.
  13. Oboe

    668 Items Bug?

    You've probably done this, and I really wouldn't be the best person to quiz on the matter, but, did you add Equip.txt or whatever (I recall it being required).
  14. With all things considered it's amazing. That being said, like Sethy brought up, your areas of dark and light tone need a little touching up. I don't know how good you are at drawing/sketching but just consider it as if it was such and you're golden.
  15. Oboe

    Animation For A 562

    [quote name='titandino']Rofl. I love how we give the exact location and he still can't do it..[/QUOTE] Rofl. I love how much of a fucking idiot you are. Also, "we"? Get fucked mate, you contributed fuck all.