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  1. Nice account manz. Anyone else who plays OSRS join our cc @ 'Lyrical Ltd'
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  3. Sync

    Shop problem

    Try to tell us a little more information next time. Did you mean [url=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?76768-Varrockscape-317-(Released-source-client)]this[/url]? Can you post your custom shop code? First try this though: Open prices.txt and look for the id of your item and change the price, which is the number after the id. Also open item.cfg. Find the id of your item and change the 3 ids after the description to your desired price. So, if I wanted to change a Fishing trophies(item id: 26) price from 1 to 20k, I would open prices.txt and change: [code]26 1[/code] to: [code]26 20000[/code] Then I would open item.cfg and change: [code]item = 26 Fishing_trophy Hemenster_fishing_contest_trophy. 1 1 0[/code] to [code]item = 26 Fishing_trophy Hemenster_fishing_contest_trophy. 20000 20000 20000[/code] Also with your custom shop make sure you're separating the variables with tabs and not spaces.
  4. Can you post the whole class for the cache downloader?
  5. Sync

    Shop problem

    What server are you using?
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  9. I'd love to help you out with that today! Step 1. Acquire a hammer weighing no less than 15lbs (or 6.80389kg) Step 2. FIRMLY GRASP IT IN YOUR HAND Step 3. Gently place the face of the hammer on to the very center of the display Step 4. Raise hammer in to the air as high as you physically can Step 5. With as much force as possible, bring the hammer down on to the device This will troubleshoot any and all hardware issues with the device.

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