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  1. The Recipe for Disaster quest in Impact 3.0 [video=youtube;qW0Epes_P98]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW0Epes_P98[/video]
  2. Check out the Impact 3.0 Bank Pin System. One of few who have random number placement and day counting for changing and deleting your pin. [video=youtube;gnv95mj2uVc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnv95mj2uVc[/video]
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    Full Lunar Spell Book

    [quote name='Stacx']Your player walks to the entity after using a spell, it shouldn't do that.[/QUOTE] Yes I know, that was fixed after I made the video.
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    Full Lunar Spell Book

    Thanks storm powner:D
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    Full Lunar Spell Book

    [quote name='Cart']Nice job.[/QUOTE] Thanks mate:) Took a long time, had to go over a lot of old youtube videos to get the timing right and each graphic and animation right.
  6. The Lunar Spell Book on Impact 3.0. [video=youtube;8Hik-8W_3Nk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hik-8W_3Nk[/video] Comparison Video: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUBLh3qqb7E[/url] List of Spells: [LIST] [*] [*] Bake Pie [*] Monster Examine [*] Cure Other [*] Humidify [*] Cure Me [*] Teleport Waterbirth [*] Tele Group Waterbirth [*] Cure Group [*] Stat Spy [*] Teleport Khazard [*] Tele Group Khazard [*] Superglass Make [*] Dream [*] String Jewellery [*] Stat Restore Pot Share [*] Boost Potion Share [*] Teleport Fishing Guild [*] Tele Group Fishing Guild [*] Teleport Catherby [*] Tele Group Catherby [*] Teleport Ice Plateau [*] Tele Group Ice Plateau [*] Energy Transfer [*] Heal Other [*] Vengeance Other [*] Vengeance [*] Heal Group [*] Spellbook Swap [/LIST]
  7. Here is 100% enchanting exact to RuneScape(Including xp) These go are in PlayerAssistant, or maybe Client depending on your server files. public void enchant(int item) { final int[][] ENCHANT = { // unenchanted ring, unenchanted amulet, unenchanted necklace, enchanted ring, enchanted amulet, enchanted necklace, rune1, rune1 amount, rune2, rune2 amount, level required, xp, anim, gfx {1637, 1692, 1656, 2550, 1727, 3853, 555, 1, 0, 0, 7, 18, 719, 114}, // sapphire enchant {1639, 1696, 1658, 2552, 1729, 5521, 556, 3, 0, 0, 27, 37, 719, 114}, // emerald enchant {1641, 1698, 1660, 2568, 1725, 11194, 554, 5, 0, 0, 49, 59, 720, 115}, // ruby enchant {1643, 1700, 1662, 2570, 1731, 11090, 557, 10, 0, 0, 57, 67, 720, 115}, // diamond enchant {1645, 1702, 1664, 2572, 1712, 11105, 557, 15, 555, 15, 68, 78, 721, 116}, // dragonstone enchant {6575, 6581, 6577, 6583, 6585, 11128, 557, 20, 554, 20, 87, 97, 721, 452} // onyx enchant }; boolean ring = false, amulet = false, necklace = false; int index = -1; String[] gems = { "Sapphire", "Emerald", "Ruby", "Diamond", "Dragonstone", "Onyx" }; for(int i = 0; i < ENCHANT.length; i++) { if(item == ENCHANT[i][0]) { index = i; ring = true; break; } if(item == ENCHANT[i][1]) { index = i; amulet = true; break; } if(item == ENCHANT[i][2]) { index = i; necklace = true; break; } } if(index == -1) { c.sendMessage("You cannot enchant this item."); return; } if(c.playerLevel[c.playerMagic] >= ENCHANT[index][10]) { if(c.getItems().playerHasItem(ENCHANT[index][6], ENCHANT[index][7]) && c.getItems().playerHasItem(ENCHANT[index][8], ENCHANT[index][9]) && c.getItems().playerHasItem(564, 1)) { c.startAnimation(ENCHANT[index][12]); c.gfx100(ENCHANT[index][13]); c.getItems().deleteItem(564, 1); c.getItems().deleteItem(ENCHANT[index][6], ENCHANT[index][7]); c.getItems().deleteItem(ENCHANT[index][8], ENCHANT[index][9]); if(ring) { c.getItems().deleteItem(ENCHANT[index][0], 1); c.getItems().addItem(ENCHANT[index][3], 1); } else if(amulet) { c.getItems().deleteItem(ENCHANT[index][1], 1); c.getItems().addItem(ENCHANT[index][4], 1); } else if(necklace) { c.getItems().deleteItem(ENCHANT[index][2], 1); c.getItems().addItem(ENCHANT[index][5], 1); } addSkillXP(ENCHANT[index][11], c.playerMagic); refreshSkill(c.playerMagic); c.sendMessage("You enchant the "+gems[index]+" jewellery."); } else { c.sendMessage("You don't have the required runes to cast this spell."); } } else { c.sendMessage("You need a Magic level of "+ENCHANT[index][10]+" to use this enchantment."); } } Usage: magicOnItems case 1155: case 1165: case 1176: case 1180: case 1187: case 6003: enchant(itemId); break;
  8. Forums! Play! Vote! Download Client! Hiscores! Features: Amazing Combat System - Melee: Flawless timers, animations, and hits. Max Hit formula is almost exact to RuneScape! Nothing overpowered and nothing underpowered! - Ranged: Amazing timers, hits, and animations also, uses new RuneScape bonus's and features! - Magic: All spells work 100% modern and ancient! Perfect timing and animation with amazing hits. Hybriding is flawless and hits amazingly. Great Community(Nice Players, Mature) Very Friendly Staff 400 XP Per Hit * 25 Skill Multiplier 5 Minigames - Pest Control - Fight Pits - Barrows - Duel Arena - Treasure Trails 9 Non-Combat Skills - Agility - Cooking - Crafting - Fishing - Fletching - Runecrafting - Slayer - Thieving - Woodcutting 3 Quests - Recipe for Disaster - Horror from the Deep - Desert Treasure Clan Chat Different RuneScape Towns and Training Areas Available! Webclient Hiscores 100% Uptime - 24/7 Hosted on a Dedicated Server! No Lag! Pk Point System with Pk Point Shop! VBulletin Forums Economy In-Depth Server Information Skills Runecrafting - (Picture) Added the Abyss All rifts teleport you to the correct ruins for that rune All rune levels, xp, and multipliers exact to RuneScape [*]Agility - (Picture) Complete Gnome Agility course All correct animations for each obstacle. All correct exp to RuneScape [*]Thieving - (Picture) All available stalls added All correct levels and exp to RuneScape If you are caught thieving a guard near by will attack you (Video) [*]Crafting - (Picture) - (Picture) - (Picture) - (Picture) All gems added to gem cutting All correct exp and levels for gem cutting Hide tanning and leather tanning Amulet, Necklace, and Ring moulding All correct interfaces, amounts, requirements, and xp for moulding Leather crafting with all craftable armor(Leather body, chaps, etc.) All correct xp, emotes, and levels for leather crafting Hide crafting with all correct craftable armor(Green D'hide body, chaps, etc.) All correct xp, emotes, requirements, and levels for hide crafting [*]Fletching - (Picture) All shortbow and longbow fletching All arrow shafting and arrow head/feather attaching Bow stringing All correct animations, exp, and levels to RuneScape [*]Slayer - (Picture) Low level, Medium level, and High level tasks [*]Fishing - (Picture) Shrimp, trout, lobster, swordfish, shark, and manta ray's added All correct requirements(trout requires feathers), levels, exp, and emotes to RuneScape [*]Cooking - (Picture) - (Picture) All fishable fish are cookable All correct levels and exp to RuneScape Burn rate almost exact to RuneScape All correct cooking interfaces Cook 1, Cook 5, Cook X, Cook All; All working correctly [*]Woodcutting - (Picture) All trees added and cuttable All axes with levels added Correct emotes, and exp to RuneScape Minigames Duel Arena All correct rules Staking Forced chat Arrow headicons Forfeiting Winning your stakes [*]Barrows - (Picture) All correct brothers in coffins Aggressive brother with arrow headicon All correct brother special effects Last brother fought at chest [*]Fight Pits - (Picture) Waiting lobby with timers and interfaces An all out free for all Winner receives a tokkul reward and a red skull above their head [*]Clue Scrolls - (Picture) - (Picture) - (Picture) Very accurate 377 clue scroll rewards Multi clue tasks Digging, talking to npcs, searching crates, boxes and drawers Item messages saying "You have found a casket!"; "You have found a Clue scroll!" [*]Pest Control - (Picture) Npc Vs Npc All working and correct interfaces Spinners heal, splatters splat, shifters teleport, etc. Correct RuneScape Dialogues Custom Pest Control Exchange Quests Recipe for Disaster - (Picture) Culinaromancer's chest Sir Amik Varze with npc and player dialogue Correct final battle location Correct npcs(Agrith-Na-Na, Flambeed, Karamel, Dessourt) All npcs have correct attacks, weaknesses, animations, and graphics The types of gloves that show up in the chest depend on how far you get in the quest [*]Horror from the Deep - (Picture) Jossik with npc and player dialogue Dagannoth mother with hint headicon Perfect Dagannoth color changing All correct attacks and weaknesses by color of Dagannoth White Wind spells [*]Blue Water spells [*]Brown Earth spells [*]Red Fire spells [*]Orange Melee attacks [*]Green Range attacks and special attacks [*]Dagannoth drops casket as reward [*]Pick between the 3 god books [*]Desert Treasure - (Picture) - (Picture) Correct npcs with correct RuneScape spots. Correct emotes, gfx, weaknesses, and advantages. Perfect round switching dialogue. Quest saving perfected, handles great. Reward of access to Ancient magicks and Ancient items. Clan Chat - (Picture) Multiple clan support All clan options working with correct buttons No commands used in clan chat Correct crowns if the player has rights Media: Starting Impact Recipe for Disaster Barrows Pest Control Skillcape Emotes
  9. use p.lastKilledPlayers.size()