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    lol i dont think a ddoser is gunna do aything to ur tv?
  2. Hey guys, im here to recruit new members for a clan called "red merch" you can visit the YouTube vid just you tube "red merch " and it will pop up or read here. We are a clan that want to help ourselves and the members or Runescape money . Have you ever dreamed of having Phats, masks and all that stuff well this is your time! We offer 5-10mill cash for you to start off your merching on a good start. [COLOR="#FF0000"]Requirements - 1.Runescape Member 2. 20mill + in coins or items 3. Be cool not a dick 4. be mature [/COLOR] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Application:[/COLOR] [CODE]Rs name: In Real Life Name: Skype: Runescape Wealth: [/CODE]
  3. [quote name='Lizard King']Worst moments: 1st time, hacked for 600M 2nd time, Duelling away 800M bank 3rd time, hacked for 7 chaotics Good moments: LOL? Me + Good things RS? you jokin right..[/QUOTE] lol that sux
  4. [quote name='Murilirum']Best moment was getting my Max Cape. Worst moment was in 2006 when I was lured for full Saradomin which at the time was the most expensive armour (Apart from the rich-people dragon) available.[/QUOTE] thougt it said General runescape sorry
  5. Post your favorite moments in Runescape here and Your worst! Favorite moment - When i let my Bro on my account back in 2006-2007 and he made me 1m+ in Staking Worst Moment - When i was in the wildy when i was shit and had full rune Died and cried :(
  6. lol u kids aree trying to say im another user?
  7. BUMP :D NEED HELP PM ME ;d or skype
  8. dawson1

    [PI] Varrock Coords

    why wuld u want the coords for all of varrok lol