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  1. So I've come back into programming and i forgot how to make a player client. Can anyone help me out?
  2. [quote name='TimeBroken']How so?[/QUOTE] the bot scripters would have to re-do their bot to make it work..?
  3. 1 way to ban bots aswell change the way skills work just a bit?
  4. Do you do SMF? If you do I couldn't tell cause Google Chrome is messed.
  5. [quote name='dreammaster']Im so sick of seeing this boring server[/QUOTE] Why don't you stop hating gtfo You probably haven't even played ANY server so don't talk shit about any of them if you don't like them OR haven't even played them think you're cool cause you put down others? Get a life..
  6. VitalityX

    Mw3, bf3 & gow3

    Getting them all.
  7. Iphone all the way. NEVER WILL USE A BLACK BERRY! never have never will never even touched one.