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  1. whats wrrong with it o.o its looks ok :s
  2. Disregard my last message.. Your avatar looks like Joe from this site's girlfriend. Welcome to Runelocus.

  3. Aren't you Joe's Girlfriend?

  4. leeched from Acrylicx Source not changed a little bit like wtf are u stupid?
  5. Lmao, Ignore all them peoples under me, They're a bunch of retarded LocusPedo's :) Xept Emily obv. So, What's your daily business on Rlocus?

  6. Aussie pride!

  7. hauuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. lol if you want me and drain could team up and help you lol :)
  9. i can do php msql and java but im not vary vary good at msql.
  10. Ohai there, Whats cooking good looking. (;

  11. Jazzii


    i hope u like it.
  12. Jazzii


    im not sure why i made ill update tho i made a paste bin for rsps Sources and website editing so yeah heres the link if you would like to try it out. Website link = [URL="http://rspaste.ulmb.com/phpspastebin-0.25.2/phpspastebin-0.25.2/index.php"]Rs-Paste[/URL]
  13. emily the 1 u have there i no the maker his name is joey he also the 1 who helped me learn php and sql that 1 is the frist version u got that from pastebin i would say :)