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  2. Is this still for sale? I'm extremely interested! Skype: LoganGar
  3. I don't have these, but I have another Rs2HD 484 you might find useful, as it's more complete... https://mega.nz/#!YgokAZZA!Nj4U9QQhiPVuCY0rGhDlHWR8kUNNm4aIdaFrnhher9Y I also have a Rs2-Server 474 covert to 484 if you want that instead.
  4. I'm excited for this one, finally a good 508! Can't wait for the upload!!
  5. [img]http://alrunic.com/images/logo.png[/img] Welcome to Alrunic's Official Advertisement Thread! HomePage : -> [url]http://www.alrunic.com/[/url] Forums : -> [url]http://www.alrunic.com/forums/[/url] Downloadable Client Loader : -> [url]http://www.alrunic.com/client/Alrunic_Loader.jar[/url] // Actual Client (If needed only) : -> [url]http://www.alrunic.com/client/Alrunic_Client.jar[/url] Other Links: Play Now! Web Client: [url]http://www.alrunic.com/client/[/url] Voting: [url]http://www.alrunic.com/vote/[/url] Donation System: (NOT Pay to Win) [url]http://www.alrunic.com/donate/[/url] COMING SOON! We don't need it yet! :) HighScores: [url]http://www.alrunic.com/hiscores/[/url] Before I go to far into details and features, This IS Endeavor BASED! -- What makes us different than the rest of the Endeavor Based Servers? - We have a professional team, who are keen to getting things done and being great at what we do. - We have worked for the past days endlessly, getting things changed and bugs squashed. - We KNOW what we're doing! Short and Sweet; We do what we do for entertainment NOT to make Money! - Lastly, We love and enjoy our player base. We have everything included in Endeavor by 'Mikey & more! - Including but not limited too; Features! Bug Fixes, New 'perfectly' thought out home area, Located in Lleyta; Perfectly positioned and maintained NPCs, and awesome drop rates Trading, Dead Lock & TONS of Misc. Updates Constant Updates, Holiday Events, Vote4Reward, and so much more! ON TOP OF: Perfect combat 100% clipping 20+ bosses Economy Bank tabs Glacors 602+ items 602 maps Custom Dungeoneering Chaotics Pest Control TokHaar-Kal and Fight Kiln Dragon defender Summoning 23+ skills Titles Achievements Quick prayers Curses Fullscreen Customizable client HD Revision toggling on everything Multiple gameframes Clan chat GWD Barrows Player-owned shops Statue and EP System Lottery Questing Much more - We've patched several bugs, and included some of our content, making this server PERFECT for all types of RuneScape Server Players. We strive to have a dupe free, dead lock free, bug free environment. Find one? Report it on our forums! Images: -> Perfect achievement tab: [img]http://i.imgur.com/Suconog.png[/img] Dupe - free Banking w/ Bank tabs & all buttons: [img]http://i.imgur.com/WswiSfe.png[/img] Endeavor based market system w/ player owned shops: [img]http://i.imgur.com/JeZoCMk.png[/img] Unique areas, and over 500 WORKING NPC spawns, all with amazing drops and rates: [img]http://i.imgur.com/ldaELNU.png[/img] Amazing client, with perfected settings, and amazing aesthetics: [img]http://i.imgur.com/2NfDE4q.png[/img] Bosses everywhere, with unique loots and amazing combat system: [img]http://i.imgur.com/W4rwSuL.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/ICdjuMt.png[/img] Quick prayers, and perfected curses: [img]http://i.imgur.com/KK9gMGy.png[/img] Custom Dung System, and amazing shops and points system: [img]http://i.imgur.com/L17xP2M.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/dfd6s6i.png[/img] Amazing mini-games, all very well programmed ( Thanks Mikey' :) ) [img]http://i.imgur.com/tomBLhp.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/yBXUsMI.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/uVoyl6p.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/AlKdmx4.png[/img] 3 and counting quests: [img]http://i.imgur.com/uaU2V2A.png[/img] Skilling areas, all full of content, and skilling is perfected and patched up: [img]http://i.imgur.com/9P0MTM8.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/3G6ozBE.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/cQTX0jO.png[/img] And so, so much more! Join today! [url]http://www.alrunic.com/[/url] Any questions or concerns? Feel free to Private Message me with this user name in-game or on our forums. - Logan
  6. A lot, 3Gb of ram will suffice for a good amount of players, but I would try a Linux OS, Windows Networking card's cap at 100mbps with KVM, and 100mbits would easily get higher speeds with Linux than they would with Windows, but player wise, it all depends on the stability of your server, and it doesn't matter how much ram or B/W you are allocated, because if you have horrible networking it won't matter regardless. But for the sake of this thread, let's say for 317 = 50-70+ players, 637 = ~40-60 players, and 718/724 = ~50 players. If you need further help, I'm here!
  7. Hey cart, can you delete my project thread? I no longer need this one, i'm making a new one.

  8. Logan


    Well, I have nothing much to show right now, but trust me I will. I would like to start off this project thread with a rather long and drawn out statement as follows, As the sudden urgency arose, While on my phone, I remembered I needed a project thread, and I just couldn't wait until my phone was dead. Therefore, I read the rules of this section and here I am, now please note this is not a picture perfect server yet, so there will not be any pictures and/or videos until I really start doing things. Now, Shall we begin? You are now entering the realm of Bandits, goblins, and ghouls, will you continue? Ah, so you did continue, let the fun begin.. So just to be crystal clear, here are two things to keep in mind, #1- This is no way related or affiliated with Project Insanity this is Shard Based, and I started off with Project No Doze v.02. I litterally just started so please for the respect of one Runelocus member to another, Absolutely NO flame and/or hate. #2- I am the rightful owner of BanditPkz and all other names etc of BanditPkz. (Even though we are now just BanditPk) As for the website, Until I get the link approved by a moderator, as stated in the rules I will just tell you about it, even though many many other project threads have their link stated plain as day, I am a rule follower, not a breaker. ;) The website is based off of MikeRsWeb version 5.2 (the latest and last version). This is no leeched and change the footer and links website, their are proper credits and footer notation. The website is fully optimized by myself both the database and forum/CMS have been modified and tweaked, we are still making grammatical ane spelling mistake corrections as mikelmao was from holland or where ever, don't worry mike we all forgive you. So, I will make a spoiler(s) listing old features, and my own. Old Features (Ones that were already their) [spoiler=Old Stuff]Features v0.2 Cooking added Clipped objects for NPCs. Mining updated - rocks now loose ore. Woodcutting update - trees can get cut down. Fixed thrown knifes - Will now delete knifes (darts etc..) Server runs at 600ms now No more Website registrations, Register using the Client. Remade the way data was loaded into the server. Smithing - All items Smelting - Smelts nearly all ores, makes bars from bronze - rune. FireMaking has been started on. Combat bugs fixed. Multiple game changes and tuning. ObjectReplacer - Replace an object for a certain amount of time. plus alot more! Features v0.1 Skillcapes - All skillcapes have there actionDelays meaning they are set to busy whilst preforming the emotion. If a player is under attack while doing a emotion the hits will be delayed until they are set to not busy. ForceWalker - Allows you to walk a character to a certain location { x, y, z }. JailSystem - puts players in a temporary cell while the admin decides what they will do with the player. Ship travelling - Use the main ports to get around the map. Walk to then perform action - implemented for objects and npcs. ActionManager - An tick based system purposly built for this server. All Animations, Damages, Graphics and teleporting players have a built in delay system to allow delayed actions for the tasks mentioned. FightPits - viewing orbs work and player is invisable. Object Click system - Stores the last clicked object in an array so it can be used for skills to get certain details about the object. Personal pets - Atm you can only get the pet via ::buypet command, follows you around and picks up valuable items for you! plus stackable items. Market system (SQL) based - used to buy and sell items between players. All specials work. All spells are autocastable. saves last combat mode for melee and ranged. saves if you had autoretaliate on and running, will highight opon login if needed. npcs can walk futher than 1 square and can also change paths. no more bs npc drops, if you know what i mean, well you know what i mean. Fixed. Hits are stored into an array, then each cycle of the server it will check if its time to hit, if all the hit masks are currently used it will hold the attack for another cycle until it can hit the player. Real busy system, like how rs has, stops players from doing certain things while in busy mode. Glory teleporting - all real rs teleport locations, goes from (4) to uncharged. ring of duelling - all real rs teleport locations, goes from (8) to dust. ring of recoil. ring of life. dharok degrading. multi combat zones. PVP zones. (lumbridge) with a red skull. regular pking zones with a normal skull. tea stall thieving, gives exp and tea. trading with some dupes fixed. begun on duel arena - has duel sign, challenge option and all options work. no staking yet. all prayers work with thier correct features, all features effect the player how they should. bone burying. all food eating. potion drinking. Pk token system, used to buy PVP items from store. 100% accurate rs combat formulas, ranged and melee, with all the extra addons that you could ever need. (tested) NPC COMBAT - Entity based. Basically everything you could ever need for a combat system (Extremly nice combat) Complete npc tile system - no more standing on npcs whilst fighting (Exact to rs) Complete combat system with implemented SQL features to allow for ease of use when adding npc styles, attack levels etc.. 7 different combat states - Npcs can use 7 types of combat while fighting a player if selected Magic and ranging uses the Entity based system. Making a npc use a complete magic spell is as simple as putting in the spell id that you want it to use. Complete attack/defence system. delayed hits. no sidewards fighting in melee combat, either the npc or the player will move to the horizontal/vertical postion suitable. no standing on a npc whilst fighting - will move around until they are not on each other, they cannot attack while standing on each other either. and the rest that rs has. PLAYER COMBAT - Entity based. All spells - All correct animations/gfxs - All correct hits, Hit/splash system. I have created a "Magic book" which basically contains every spell in it, useable for both npcs and players!. Ranging, complete projectiles with arrow dropping and deleting, supports all knifes/darts/javelins/axes. All ranging styles change the delay for the attack. If you are using longranged you get defence exp aswel and range and hp exp. Saves your last combat mode, for both ranging and melee weapons, highlights correct combat tabs, this includes when you log in. No possibility to use a combat mode that a weapon doesnt have, If you were using str mode and switch to whip it will change your combat mode to attack , normally on rs it will switch to the closest combat mode that the weapon has, i decided pures hate switching to whip and it being controlled thus being the reason why it will change it to attack. player following basically everything pking on rs has this has. Multi hitting spells, hits up to 9 players or npcs or BOTH, if standing next to the enermy. All experience given in the server can be increased by two variables to make it fast to altar all skills experience rate or combat experience rate. SQL Benefits Can add npcs into the server without resets. Can update shops without resets. Can update npc drops without resets. Players need to register to play, registration page download provided at bottom of page. SKILLS ADDED TO DATE CRAFTING - GemCrafting Makes all items. Strings all amulets. Cuts gems. - HideCrafting makes all dragon hide items tans all items. - Pottery makes soft clay. FISHING - Remade catches multiple fish if level requires are met. uses correct gear and deletes correct items if needed. HERBLORE Cleans all herbs Makes 11 different potions MINING - Updated mines multiple rocks adds random gems removes ores from rocks THEIVING pickpocketing from main npcs. stall theiving SMITHING Make every item Correct bar usage, items and interface. gives experience etc.. SMELTING Smelt all typical ores into bars Correct usages and interfaces. COOKING Cooks on all furnaces and fires Correct animations, usages and interfaces. Cook 1 - 5 - 10 - X[/spoiler] New Features (Added by me or my team) [spoiler=New Stuff]Totally Redid registration server, now it is a seperate system, I am not sure how to explain it. Redid - Smithing, Some Mining tweaks, Fishing tweaks, and some crafting edits. Optimized WebSite SQL for server. (Remote MySQL Connection). Redid some minor stuff, amulets, PK'ing areas, Shops, etc. Redid how the character loads and saves. Redid Castle Wars, i'm not sure if I got it working yet..?[/spoiler] Alright, So now that you've seen the features, I would just like to say, WE ARE IN NEED OF A PROGRAMMER x1 Programmer specifications and preferable requirements, including but not limited to.. -Rather good knowledge with Linux OS ran servers (not req. But might be needed.) -Rather good (preferably really good) Knowledge with MySQL databases, PHPMyADMIN, and know how they work and so on. -EXCELLENT knowledge of Java, And how to use Eclipse IDE or another Java Editor like Notepad++ as we do not hardcode, do to making it sloppy and unreliable. -Decent PHP skills, again not req. But might need it, to edit the website. As I only need one programmer, and I need one rather quickly so, grab it quick, and the programmer if any will be Lead Administrator AKA Owner with myself. And will recieve 40% Profits which means after ALL expenses. Dedicated Hosting Server Specs: HOSTED BY: A rather reliable yet cheap VPS provider based in a German DC.. 6.512gb RAM, 300GB Hard Drive, 5tb b/w which ram/Hd/bandwidth can and will be upgraded as needed. Website Hosted in a Romanian Lock-Down Datacenter, which means no copyright DMCA's on the WebSite materials. 2gb ram, Allocated to the website, cPanel, all the normal web hosting features, 1gb p/s uplink or something. I apologize for the lack of server information including pictures and videos, but I would rather work on the server than waste valuable time to make, edit, and post pictures for now. Of course, the credits: Killamess - the base. The Shard team - for the base he used. Mikelmao and his website team - Website base which is mostly his work. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME! @ [email][email protected][/email] for more info on the Server, website, and open positions.
  9. Thanks! I hope too see you in-game.
  10. [CENTER][IMG]http://forum.project-aerial.com/images/darkfusion/logo.png[/IMG] Created by Cameron, under new ownership. (Logan) we are officially online and out of beta! First five active players will recieve a five day p2p pass added to their account. Pm Logan ingame for more details. PERMISSION WAS GIVEN TO MYSELF TO REPOST THIS AD, AS I AM THE NEW OWNER. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Purpose.png[/img] [FONT="Arial Black"]Project-Aerial is an economic server designed to emulate your RuneScape Experience (with many changes of course). Our purposes are simple. We want to create as many features as possible, create a player base everyone will enjoy, have an active community of players ready to assist 'newbies', and create a set of rules that maintain order but does not make gameplay miserable. I have personally been into programming Java and RuneScape Private Servers for almost four years. Project-Aerial offers a completely unique gameplay. The reason it's unique? We don't use ANY tutorials, guides, etc. If we can't create it, we don't add it. [/FONT] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Source.png[/img] [FONT="Arial Black"]Project-Aerial is hosted on a 2GB Memory and dual-core virtualization. Our starter source was bare-bones Dementhium (Stable Version). Our homeplace is Catherby, with most skill masters and skill shops in the area. [/FONT] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/media.png[/img] [FONT="Arial Black"] [SIZE="5"]Barrows Media[/SIZE] Completely remade with Quake effect. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Barrows1.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Barrows2.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/barrows3.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Godwars Dungeon[/SIZE] Killcount updated and required. Premium Membership allows for access to each dungeon without KillCount. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/GodWars.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Herblore[/SIZE] Herblore was designed to be a quick 99. However.. Herblore is a very, very expensive skill to achieve. The reason for the price being the way it is, is because Herblore is a skill designed to be achieved by those who have more money than they know what to do with. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Herblore.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Jad[/SIZE] Jad is to be released at some point tomorrow (April 20th). The basic idea: You just walk into the cave, fight jad, get your cape. Nothing to mention. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Jad.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Membership[/SIZE] Premium Membership Benefits. Becoming a premium member is a cheap way to enhance your game experience. Gain access to 'lazy' shortcuts (like using the trapdoor in Canifis to gain entry to the Barrows Hills almost instantly), exclusive skilling areas, have access to a bank right next to the summon-training location, and get a pretty icon on our forum! [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Member1.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Member2.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Member3.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Member4.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Nex[/SIZE] That crazy demon has been reworked to be a challenging, yet rewarding place to gain some extra cash (for that 99 herblore!). All stages have been added along with its creepy voices. All animations have been added (no more spazzing Blood Reaver!) and drops re-worked. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Nex.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Prayer[/SIZE] We wouldn't advise burying bones in Project-Aerial (unless you're okay with RS exp rates). Instead, take that bag of bones over to the Lumbridge Altar. The bones-on-altar system is similar to those in Player Owned Houses (In RS). Simply teleport to Lumbridge, use them bones, and gain fast exp. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Prayer.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Quick Prayers[/SIZE] Interfaces and handling system has been recreated. As Zack is saying in the image, there is no longer any crashes or glitches with switching. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/QuickPrayers.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]Summoning[/SIZE] Here's a nice rarity for you. Summoning. We've added interface working, special attacks, creation, the whole lot. [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Summoning1.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Summoning2.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Summoning3.png[/img] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Summoning4.png[/img] [SIZE="5"]One-of-a-kind Control Panel[/SIZE] Here's something I bet you've never seen, this unique control panel (created 100% by me) has been integrated into the server. The result: 100% Lobby (the recovery questions, membership, email, etc), instant updating of ranks in the case you upgrade to premium (you don't even have to relog), and the biggest pain of it all (for me to make): PayPal IPN to handle payments. For those of you who don't know what PayPal IPN is, it stands for PayPal Instant Payment Notification. It alerts a website-sided script of any new orders you place and applies what you ordered to your account. No need for the admins to get involved. View the rest of the Control Panel Features at [url]http://www.rune-server.org/programming/website-development/projects/397049-control-panel-my-server.html[/url] [img]http://project-aerial.com/advertImages/Links.png[/img] Forum: [url=http://forum.project-aerial.com/]Project Aerial[/url] Play: [url=http://forum.project-aerial.com/play.php]Project-Aerial - Terms of Service[/url] Once inside, manage your account at [url=http://my.project-aerial.com/]Project Aerial[/url] We are now running on a linux debian 64bit secure 4gb ram VPS, automatic backups are taken daily and deleted and restarted monthly! [SIZE="5"]Hope to see you in game![/SIZE] [/FONT] [/CENTER]
  11. hey you there can you send me the 40 now?

  12. [B]-No Regrets Host-[/B] [I]The Top Rated Free Web Hosting Provider[/I] [COLOR="#0000FF"]**Before I start this thread I, The Founder of this service would like to say a few things,[/COLOR] #1, We are 100% FREE & That also makes us 100% RISK FREE- what that means is, if you don't like our services, or have an issue with it, you don't have to worry about any problems with payments, the only thing you would have to pay for would be your domain if you so choose to purchase one, we purchase from a third party provider. a.k.a. reseller club domain services. #2, When I first started off, I meant for this too be a rsps related website, and I personally get very little to no revenue from these services, meaning the domain is a little wacky for now, until I recieve a generous amount of customers this won't be changing. #3, Everything you see on the cPanel is 100% custom, and remember if you have ANY questions feel free to contact us at any time via the ticket system and/or Smf Forums. (we are free and so are they, that's why I choose them!) ___________________________________________________________________ [COLOR="#0000FF"]Now a lot of you are wondering how it is free and why do I do it all for free?[/COLOR] the answer to that question would be, I have 2 sister companies supplying me with free cloud connected dedicated web hosting servers, and if you would like to know what these companies are contact me personally, (as I would rather have the customers then just advertise for them haha.) [COLOR="#008000"][/COLOR][B]Links: [/B] [COLOR="#00FFFF"][/COLOR][COLOR="#008000"]Our Main Web Site:[/COLOR] [url]http://www.rune-regrets.info/[/url] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Our Sign up form:[/COLOR] [url]http://signup.rune-regrets.info/[/url] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Forums:[/COLOR] [url]http://forum.rune-regrets.info/[/url] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Custom Control Panel (Inside has all of the things you need):[/COLOR] [url]http://cpanel.rune-regrets.info/[/url] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]WebMail:[/COLOR] [url]http://webmail.rune-regrets.info/[/url] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]CONTACT:[/COLOR] [url]http://rune-regrets.info/contact.html[/url] _________________________________________________________________ [B]**FEATURES**[/B] [U]Price: FREE!!!!!!![/U] Disk Space: 10 Gb (gigabyte) Bandwidth: 100 Gb (gigabyte) File Transfer Accounts: 5 Email Accounts: 5 Free And INSTANT Activation: FREE AND INSTANT MySQL Databases: 5 PHP Support: YES! Custom c Panel: Oh yea! Ticket System, Custom Knowledge Base, Custom News feed (In cPanel), Referal System 10 referals = prize etc. Auto Script Installer, Back up Tool, FREE Web Site Builder! That concludes our thread, we hope you sign up, (theres really nothing that could go wrong for you :P) **Importants NOTES:** We Check our Tickets whenever I recieve an email of a new one, don't expect instant help, even though it will be pretty darn fast. WE ARE HIRING, but you will NOT BE PAID.. I don't pay taxes on you. On top of I get little too no revenue. Email Accounts: [email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email] Thanks, Bickets... :D <3
  13. I dont understand why you blocked my MSN? I thought we where cool man :/

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