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    vote4cash yell

    If i'm right, i believe it's something like this. [CODE]for(Client other : World.getWorld().getPlayers()) { other.sendMessage(other.getUsername() + " has voted and recieved 50M"); }[/CODE] I'm not too sure on that one, but it should be something similar to that, add it under [CODE]c.sendMessage("Thanks for voting!");[/CODE]
  2. Only wanted to know, i thought it was deltascape for a second xD
  3. May i ask you, which base is this based on?
  4. Oh shit, thanks man, This is exactly what i've been looking for, I want to revive & bring back Delta to it's original Popularity, It has always been a good server to work with :)
  5. Try Updating to Jdk1.7 & then re-jarring it into a webclient
  6. If you have msn, add me, i'll be glad to help. [email][email protected][/email]
  7. Alright, if you have msn, you can add me, i'll try helping you. [email][email protected][/email]
  8. Please update your jdk to jdk1.7, it should then work.
  9. Lol, i wouldn't need it, i have my own server :P But a thanks will be appreciated ;P
  10. change "client" to "Client" , it should work.
  11. Im Tiko

    help please!!!

    Just sort the files by extension or by file type, then just drag all the .java files out of it in an other folder
  12. [quote name='thebadman']I'm getting an error in red writing when i compile on the client , it says 'the system cannot find the path specified'[/QUOTE] Right-click edit the compile.bat file and edit the direction of the jdk to yours.
  13. Marky, are you sure it isn't your parents that blocked the connection to the runescape site? Someone else can't ipban you from RuneScape unless they are JaGeX