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  1. For those who are to lazy to make the file them selves here's a dl link and a virus scan. http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=99b43dbda8f4fe8f4f1cb8035687fc68a34f79dc16df4428634b7fec604fb3ca-1286312908 http://www.mediafire.com/?nyoritki3usjint
  2. You can't send .bat files through msn or anything but you can send the internet explorer one lol. or you can just have it in a .rar file and have the person extract it .
  3. ReXo420

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    Lmfao...Here's mine. Windows 7 ultimate 8GB Ram 3.1GHZ 64 BIT Processor 1T HD ATI Radeon HD 5450 Video Card.
  4. I made a few fake virus and I as bored so I put em on youtube today. Here's the video link - Watch it in HQ and Full screen for best quality.
  5. No offense, if you think this is cheating your an idiot..If you watched the video you could see you could do nothing with the money.
  6. You can do this on RuneScape, I remember when I was 9 and I thought I could hack RuneScape And I tried Cheat Engine.
  7. I've decided to make a video to you people the Money/Noted Items Glitch. It's not really a glitch because you use a program, anyways here's the video link: I saw on another website some guy was like, "HOW DO YOU FIX THE F*CKING CHEAT ENGINE [email protected][email protected][email protected]#[email protected]?". I just laughed.. If you think you can dupe with Cheat Engine your crazy. If just changes values. And BTW Sorry I didn't know if this was in the right spot or not, any mod just move it if it's in the wrong section. Also there's an audio swap processing for the video right now, fucking copyright issues. lol Anyways hope you enjoy the video.
  8. Im on my ipod touch rite now.
  9. LAWL! That's what my problem was, but it was off by 11 years.
  10. Lawl He gunna stick a banana up there fucken ass.
  11. Fixed it - lock please. (:
  12. This has never happened to me though I didn't go on my computer for 2 days came on today and it was like that.
  13. Hey, RuneLocus I went to go check my appeals on RuneScape, And I went to Runescape.com and it something poped upload the this source in now secure. Then I hit cancel and I hit view account history (appeals)..and this came up lmao. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Any comments? BTW Not edited..go check runescape for meh pl0x...