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  1. heading towards it now, letting u now soon. EDIT: on my account the location coords were: 8242, 8373, 0 i tested it on my own server, but dindt have the mapdata..
  2. if u could tell me where it is, id go to there and give u the portal id's and everything u need . Im in runescape now with a decent account :p
  3. [quote name='Format']Why do people always have to let everyone know that "Its been a while since I coded rsps". Most common and stupid excuse ever, imo. Don't take this personally blancke, I am not talking about you directly.[/QUOTE] haha i know, no idea its like a reaction when u have been gone a long time :p. And i figured it out like a minute after i posted this.. After trying to compile a few times i restarted my server and it packed it itself.. Felt pretty stupid :p. still thanks everyone .
  4. THIS IS NOT A RELEASE OF THE PUZZLE ROOMS FOR DUNGEONEERING! I accidently teleported to the wrong coordinates , and i teleported to the "event rooms" in dungeoneering. [B][U]Coordinates: 552 4443 0[/U][/B] [URL="http://gyazo.com/fee7650a1a390ba6a5a1e5b7126efa8d"]screenshot of one of the rooms[/URL] hope anybody can use it.
  5. Greeting runelocus, i have a few questions. [U]1/ How do i steal mapdata from runescape and import them into my server?[/U] [U]2/ I have placed some objects in my citadel, now i have 2 problems. But i think i know the answer to one of them.[/U] 2.1/I have placed the tree plot but the roots dont seem to be placed really well. (see picture) 2.2/On the tree plot there should be water where the bridge is crossing the land. Well the water isnt there (i assume this is because the mapdata is incorrect) [URL="http://gyazo.com/21c54dacbfaa91297e211e2760aa48a7"]Picture link[/URL] (i am in a runescape clan with clan citadel level 7 i can steal a really nice citadel , but i need some help with it) (I NEED AN OFFLINE DUMPER, i know there was an online dumper but that quited a while ago) Thanks in advance
  6. i feel pretty stupid now.. after using the compiler and re-running the server it seems to be packed anyway.. no help needed anymore.
  7. Hello runelocus, i have added some objects to the unpackedspawns.txt, but when i compile my server it doesnt compile the unpackedspawns.txt for some reason.. i have made a compiler to compile the objectspawns only and it compiles succesfully but the unpackedspawns isnt packed, it also doesnt create the map (packedSpawns). The script seems fine , anybody knows what's going on? Object Compiler [CODE]@echo off "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin\javac.exe" -d bin -cp lib/*; -sourcepath src src/com/rs/utils/ObjectSpawns.java echo Compiled all Successfully pause[/CODE] (the problem might be really easy to solve, but it's been a while that i coded a rsps) Thanks in advance
  8. got a lil question about the whole herblore script, it's not working properly , could u give me a hint. Been through the script and the script should be working fine but for some reason it doesnt :p.
  9. great release, and mate i thought i was the only one doing 562's . Love it to see anybody else working on it , i think it was the greatest of all :p after that RS got ruined :/
  10. still does somebody have this source ? i wouldlove to check it out. pm it me please
  11. i already tried to help him, there was a cache problem.
  12. change trent.titanpk.main to Tyden.Main also does anybody know how to fix the HD?
  13. blancke

    Tyden client HD fix

    hello runelocus, i'm back its been quite a while since i did this. i'm trying to fix the HD on the tyden client but it doesnt seem to work , i extracted the libs and placed them in the cache etc but when i click the HD button it doesnt change. This is the error i get, i've tryed using different libs and change the run.bat etc but nothing helped. please help thanks in advance! [ATTACH=CONFIG]7689[/ATTACH]
  14. Send me an email , [email protected] Or add my skype, i.Infamous.i

  15. i wanna become a partner, i have a vps =)