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  1. Bump Server is renewed and OUT WITH A BUNCH OF NEW CONTENT!
  2. did you get this to work? I tried to do chachis tutorial but I have no idea how to convert shard since ive never used it, just checked this guide again and it is incomplete...
  3. ...lol nobody is going to spoonfeed you! bumping my topic so noobs can learn =p
  4. no its not, untradeables act like tradeable items and tradeable items act like untradeables meaning when you drop an item like a fire cape after a few seconds it appears to all players but if you drop a manta ray it acts like a fire cape should and dissappears after awhile... i tried to see wtf is going on but im growing sick and tired of reading the same old code again
  5. thats not it. the item drops i can see it but the timer that allows other players to see it after x minutes isnt working... and after 2 minutes the item dissappears off the ground
  6. bump!!!! I need the dropping thing fixed too, I can drop and i see the items dropped but my players dont see the items... and they end up just dissappearing
  7. There are lots of things in insidiaX that havent been implemented into the game
  8. Hey man i made server 614 which allowed me to add a lot more variety to server =]
  9. Lol i forgot what stats its got originally a pure but like 86 wcing? Some hunter and shit too =p
  10. I can give you a free account, i quit rs now. I bought gold bought items got bored after an hour sold gold made 5$ on it =p but yea its a pretty good account so u wont have to skill so much pm me here on forums, its members for a month btw. Ill pm u the account info once you get your team.
  11. Hmm im working on soul-wars for my server atm so ill get back to you in like a week? Sorry, i just fixed all client-sided lagg and packet errors with my 614 client
  12. get on rs please.