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  1. awesome server, there's always 20+ players on. play now! =D
  2. najimur

    Ramadan 2012!

    i'm muslim too lol. gl, 17 hour days -.-
  3. i think you gave him a client, which you can only connect to. change the ip of the client to the ip that you have on your no-ip. if that doesnt work, go onto firewall and open 43594 or whatever port you use, there are many guides for portforwarding, i recommend you use this guide if you just began rsps. [url]http://www.thetechgame.com/Forums/t=1841999/how-to-make-a-rsps-megathread.html[/url] best guide i've seen for newbs, i used it :)
  4. i did this before, put untrimmed capes cuz i wanted untrims to be rare while the normal capes are ingame. if you want untrimmed capes pm me for them.
  5. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?7585-No-bumping-or-double-posting[/url]
  6. chat.sendDiceMessage(player, "Friends Chat channel-mate probably gotta change the senddicemessage to something like sendfriendsmessage, sorry i've never worked on high revision servers.
  7. bumpity!! guys you gotta join this. we have a great game but not enough players, everyone wants to pk but there aren't enough pkers. this is awesome for pking, i was pking and the switching was awesome and smooth. (normally i suck at pking). pure pking is best here.
  8. yea, i think there's some problems :S
  9. hey, what's up with server?