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  1. you might not remember me but i use to be mod i believe way back on one of your chronicscapes holy crap
  2. add me on skype @ lifelesz
  3. The Undivided was Opened to the public on the 12th of August 2016. We're a up and coming server with content always being added/reworked to become better as an community. Staff spots are currently open as we're looking for help guiding around and answering questions for new and old players. We are growing slowly but surely and always adding new content, or changing and revamping existing content. Links: Undivided notable in-game features Skilling Content Media Player Made Promo video
  4. wasnt using eclipse before but ok ill try it
  5. @prolike i did that already, i changed to the coords i want it to and like it doesnt change, but i do updates to other things and they work fine @falcon its foxtrot