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  1. [quote name='Darker']Works for me, make sure its a PNG or GIF, because JPG dont works on mine too.. also make sure u pack the cache after.[/QUOTE] I'm not stupid and you probably use another cache.
  2. I tried it but it doesn't see all the 3 crowns so I can add one in index 1455.
  3. [quote name='executor']Its bcuz the hight width does not match with the other ones[/QUOTE] I tried replacing other sprites, all went good pack to cache went good, just when I come back nothings changed.
  4. Rudie

    RSPS 317 bot?

    Why bot a RSPS, lol. but oh well, here is a bot: [url]http://www.parabot.org/[/url]
  5. So I used his sprite editor to add new crowns in-game. When I added the frame its there I click pack to cache it does gives an error but my brother has used it and he said that it worked when it said that. So I close the sprite editor tested it and it was not there so I went check in the sprite editor and my new frame dissapeared.. I'm using a rs2hd source with my custom 562 loading 668 cache, Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Rudie.
  6. Bump, Still need some help.
  7. I fixed it now but it doesn't seem able to check the votes
  8. I now know what I did wrong but still get the error...
  9. [quote name='davidpaceway']You installed it with phpmyadmin?[/QUOTE] I don't know what i'm doing >.< do you think you can help me out here?
  10. [quote name='davidpaceway']Read the error... You forgot to install the drivers that let it connect to the webhost. [url]http://uppit.com/v/DZIS72L4[/url] download that and place it into your main source folder.[/QUOTE] I did install that with phpmyadmin can you help me maybe? skype: rudie.visser msn: [email][email protected][/email]