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  1. Please do not post here if you're not interested in working, Thanks.
  2. I am making a 614 server, I am currently hiring an EXPERIENCED coder, Coder will be paid. I am also hiring a forums developer, who can make a forums. they will be paid if they show me good work When I get the server up, I will be hiring staff members. would you like to be a staff member? Just PM me with some information about yourself, with good grammar and english, (You must be 16+) Application format : Name : Age : Where are you from? Position you are applying for ? Do you have any experience ? or were you working on another server before ? What languages can you speak? Can you work atleast of 3-4 hours a day? Skype? NOTE : Send me an application with format above, or else you will be instantly DENIED! Contact me via PM, thanks :)
  3. Sorry for wrong thread name, I meant 714
  4. I'm thinking of making a 714 server, If anyone knows how to code, PM me and we will make our own server. Plus, We share donations.