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  1. First download this [Don't delete anything in the folder u need it! link- http://uppit.com/v/F2Z8TCAS Next Extract it to anywhere Next open the folder and look for Item Maker its a MS-DOS Batch File Next select a category to make Next Follow the Instructions Next when down it will make a text document with what ever u recolored example- if u recolored whip it will be in a text document labeled Whip Next copy and paste what it says in your text document to ur class 8 file in your client folder Next Save Compile And Run Done! wasnt that easy? Here is the Color Codes! Code: white gold black lightyellow darkblack darkyellow yellow pink darkbrown darkpink lightpink darkred adamant skin red gray lightgray darkgray steel mud peach rune lightorange lightgreen darkgreen green lightteal iron limegreen blue pukegreen forestgreen lightblue mithril lightskyblue darkgold teal purple lightpurple lightmagenta magenta skyblue darkpurple darkmagenta bronze dragon granite gilded bloodred lava indigo babyblue babypink slategray sunyellow dodgerblue armygreen neongreen cream fuchsia turquoise Credits- 90% Hitpoints 10% to some tutorials
  2. Step 1: Okay , To start go into client.java and search Under That add this Then close and save client.java ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2 : open clickingmost.java search Replace beckon etc to this _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Step 3: Open texthandler.java Search c.sendQuest("", 15955);//top line
  3. StealthzScape || The Released Server! This is my first Release Please Dont Flame, Use this webclient to see customs Change: To your ip and to ur port. ENJOY!! Source Download: Mediafire Download. Source Download: RapidShare Download. Source Download: RapidShare Download. Added D clawz Spec (4 hits) All godswords and Stances Specs Mod, admin and owner capes All Skillcapes and skillcape emotes, Multi Pk area 100% PvP And staffzone Added The iPanel v3 !!! AND ALOT MORE!!! Pictures: Added the iPanelv3 Enjoy :! Source Download: Mediafire Download. Source Download: RapidShare Download. Source Download: RapidShare Download. THIS IS MY FIRST POST PLEASE DO NOT FLAME! If you downloaded Please comment. CODES FOR CUSTOM CAPES 13677 (MODCAPE) 13678 (ADMINCAPE) 13679 (OWNER CAPE) Enjoy !!!
  4. [TECHNOSCAPE] Hello guys, technoscape is a new server. [Mods 0/2] [Admins 0/2] [Coder 0/1] Add my email [email protected] To talk to me about staff, or talk to me on chatbox at webclient site. Forums And Webclient : http://technoscape.zapto.org Features: Turmoil Soul Split Quick Chat EXP Lock Yell Channel X10 Hit Multiplier + More, can't remember. Pictures : Webclient : http://rs-ps.org/play.php?server=StealthZ%20ScapE%20PvP Credits To Exion For the pictures. Hope you join See you soon!! I AM IN NEED OFF STAFF!!!
  5. No one said it was l33t... its just a normal ::players command :L
  6. Difficulty : 1/10 Open up client.java and add this instead of your other players command Picture: Compile && Run and it should work perfect If you get any errors post them below, works 100% I know other people know this but, some people dont,
  7. Thanks for this i fucked a server good job
  8. Where do i add this :S Thanks
  9. Where is the download Lol?
  10. Use this webclient its custom, Change: To your ip and to ur port. ENJOY!!