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  1. So hey everyone. I've just spent like two weeks on a Source, to start a Project with some Friends. Coding is not a problem for me, but everytime I need to put the Server online, I get problems.. I think I'm just to stupid for it, have no idea. So here's the Problem. When the Client IP in Loader.java was the basic one, the Client loaded for me &' I could get on doing my stuff. But now where I want to put the server online, I can't connect to my own Server. This is how my Loader.java looks like: public static String IP = "MY IP ADRESS"; public static boolean LOBBY_ENABLED = false; public static boolean DISABLE_XTEA_CRASH = true; public static boolean DISABLE_USELESS_PACKETS = true; public static boolean DISABLE_RSA = false; public static boolean COMBAT_BETA = true; public static final int REVISION = 718; public static final int LOBBY_PORT = 43594; public static String LOBBY_IP = "MY NO IP HOST NAME"; public static int SUB_REVISION = 1; public static Loader instance; public static int[] outSizes = new int[256]; public static boolean localHost; I have no idea, if I have to change something in the Server too, like in "Settings.java", the Sub Revision matches to the Server's revision &' everything works, untill I change the Client's Ip adress. Any Idea on what this Problem could be?
  2. You was right! If anyone is having the same Problem, just change the CACHE!
  3. You don't really need to pay someone, I'll add you on Skype and fix the Commands for you.
  4. You'll have to darker your image a bit &' you shouldn't use the color Black, it will add loads of data bytes.
  5. Hey everyone! I just finished creating my 718 Server. Before I released it, I sent the client to some Friends on Skype &' they're saying, the Server takes like 10 Minutes the first time to load. Some of them, can't even play. They'll lagg out, untill they put their Graphics on OpenGL. They are Skype Friends, which is why they waited 10 Minutes. But no new Player would wait all the minutes &' lagg untill He changes his Graphic Settings. A guy told me to fix the Loader, but I really have no Clue what to change &' I don't feel like changing things, I don't know about. Thanks, World.
  6. You could just download a 667/724 Client. :D
  7. I don't understand how some user can hate Baki aka Chronicscape. He released a great source (not using it but still), that will make lots of newcomers happy. Not everyone has the time/capacity to start a Server from 0%. Everyone started like this, even I had no Idea on how to code 718's and now I started one by myself. I still have to learn some things, and Baki is always there to help me on Skype. I see no Point in calling people who started coding 718's noobs, or telling them to "Stop coding 718's and go back to 317". So all I wanted to say in here: Thank you Baki, for being a great member of this community &' always here for all those new coders. :)
  8. I'd take a own Name. A Server is something you have made by your own, so you should just look around your Rsps &' find a right name for it. I wouldn't take names with "Pkz" or "Rune", they're just so damn common. Just take a unique Name, that only your server will have. Even a good name, can attract more Players. ;)
  9. Worldofwar

    Help with server?

    You can feel free to add me on Skype, I can help you getting your client working &' putting it online via TeamViewer. It's hard the first time you do a 718 Server, because 317's are so much easier. So I'd be glad to help you. :) Skype Name: Milaktru
  10. Worldofwar


    I prefer Runescape 3 for many Reasons. - Finally Jagex made it to delete all Botters, which is why Skilling Items are worth alot again. - More hard bosses can be added, like Kalphite King &' Vorago. - Bossing is finally fun again, cause you don't need to click once every 10 Seconds. - You can put the Interfaces you need on your Screen anywhere, and hide the Interfaces you don't need. - The Graphics is much better than the old Runescape. I remember people complaining about the Graphics back then in 2006. Now that Jagex has finally updated a "beast" Graphic, everyone wants the older Graphics back. I'm not happy about the new Items look, but the Graphics in General is just nice.
  11. [quote name='Chronicscape']You should be writing npcs into NPCSpawning.java and delete all npc data from packedspawns.[/QUOTE] You can't attack them there ,I want to add new Monsters, no Shops or anything else. o:
  12. [quote name='falconpunch']Go to firewall settings. Open 43594 in TCP and UDP in Inbound. The problem is so simple why do you need him on Skype lmao.[/QUOTE] Because sometimes They still ask you questions when you help them like: "Where's my Firewall"...
  13. Hello everyone. I wanted to add new Dung Npc's and everything was fine, cause It's easy to add them. But then, after I added their Combat styles, hp etc. I put them into the "Unpackedspawns" and deleted the "packedspawns" folder. When I logged in the first time, all Npc's were gone, except the new Monsters I've added. The second time, after backupping all Npc's, the half of the Npc's were gone. I can't find a way to fix it, do I need to put the "Id's" in a specific order in the "Undpackedspawns", or did I do something else wrong?