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  1. I c

    Diablo 3

    I heard about it, saw videos about it, never went for it. Still looks really retarded.
  2. I c


    [quote name='Cataclysm'][B]Being gay is a disease inside the brain at birth[/B]. It is natural they cannot help it. [B]We as humans should come together to delete this virus and move forth towards a better future and community, where everyone can be straight and live happy lives. We cannot sit her and listen to the gay fucking of two guys in maybe the next room to us or even the school bathrooms. If we try, we can destroy the virus by killing each and everyone with this virus. Please. Join me. We can do this for the race of the humans![/B][/QUOTE] Please stfu. It's not a disease, and I have no idea where the fuck you came up with that. Show me on this doll where the gay man probed you and I'll take care of him by letting him live his life. While we're at this, lets kill all lesbians too as to not leave one species with the "virus" alive.
  3. Sorry, you read it. Now please post something else.
  4. [quote name='Christopher']... Big bang.[/QUOTE] This. I don't really believe any other type of idea about how it was formed :/
  5. I c

    Call me Batman

    [video=youtube;iTthJI0rDnk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTthJI0rDnk[/video] This ones hilarious too
  6. I c

    Ass story #1

    Please tell me I somehow inspired you to right this.
  7. Hash

    Let's say... 1000 years of sex and 69! Going on Skype nao!

  8. I c

    Uhm... I'll take that account for.... 500 years of sex and anything else you want babeh.

  9. I c


    Hi Big Dick, I mean Big Dildo, I mean Big D aka Dave. Forgot about you and also wondered why you were banned. Now I know though, cool. Join me in scammer list!
  10. Uhhh... 8 year olds into incest now? Damn.. that's a bit weird.
  11. Brb, ddosing the IP to give them hell and to give back valuable monies.
  12. try looking in clickingButtons.java for it, or clickingObjects.java. Something to do with clicking, search your source for that.
  13. Have you tried searching for it first off? If you haven't, do so. Secondly, you're welcome.
  14. I'm impressed you were able to hit the golf ball while staggering towards it with your epic run.
  15. I choose you, Pikachu!