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  1. Hope you can get something out of it.. Imo u can't change individual rates.. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2je4v0j.jpg[/IMG]
  2. First, What's your router brand and model ?.
  3. Example: Welcome message: "Hello player!" Open notepad++ Hit ctrl+F Click on "Find in Files" tab Find what: Hello player! Directory: C:\Users\User\Desktop\MyServer There you go :). Easy2find.
  4. Make sure your NPCDrops.java has [code]File f = new File("./Data/cfg/NPCDrops.TSM"); // must be @ public void loadDrops[/code] and [code]File f = new File("./Data/cfg/NpcConstants.TSM"); // must be @ public void loadConstants[/code] else idk if this doesn't work.
  5. I think there are problem with cache.
  6. Not sure but you can try changing [code] public static final int NPC_FOLLOW_DISTANCE = 10; // how far can the npc follow you from it's spawn point, [/code] at source/src/server/config.java
  7. [quote name='m7md1']wrong section, use this code in both of the commands: [CODE] for (int i = 0;i < 150;i++) { c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8147 + i); } [/CODE][/QUOTE] Idno, i made it to help section but it got moved or i were just too sleepy to make difference between help and guides :D.. Don't know why, but thanks for answer ;). Gonna try it up :). EDIT: Tried it, but it's kinda weird cuz it go line by line and it delays.. But still with both there are qj51-qj100 left.. Can't remove them :(.
  8. I bet it depends hardly on internet speed... You can't download 670mb with 3min if you got 1mb upload..
  9. Well it's kinda low rate have been training for hour+ ranged and still not 99 :).. Not even 90 :).
  10. i tund i

    NPC dump

    [quote name='g0ldenas']what revision?[/QUOTE] Like title says : 719
  11. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Holy fuck besides move/rename? R u kidding, what have I done? .....[/QUOTE] What program is it. Tnx :P?.
  12. So i made ::command and ::rules with "c.getPA().showInterface(8134);" And at rules there were some commands still at bottom, so i made new clean lines but there are still some qj30, qj31 until qj100.. So my question is.. Are there any easier way to clear my interface ?. Atm it looks like this: [code] if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("rules")) { c.getPA().showInterface(8134); c.flushOutStream(); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] Rules", 8144); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8145); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8146); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8147); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8148); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8149); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8150); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8151); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8152); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8153); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8154); c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected] here", 8155); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8156); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8157); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8158); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8159); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8160); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8161); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8162); c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8163); [/code] And it goes all the way until [code] c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8245); } [/code] Since i'm new to coding i would like to know it.. So then next time i don't have to ask :).
  13. Would be helpful if you post your router model so people can know if they could help :).
  14. Like i know this error means that server which you trying to connect to is offline.. So make sure your IP at client is