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  1. How do I give myself admin/ mod on a 718 server? If this is the wrong section just move it please.. And if you won't answer my question just don't post.
  2. What is this?
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    .htacces file

    ty tony :) close the thread please.
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    .htacces file

    Can anyone tell me how to use a .htacces file for ipbanning please? What do I have to do to get it working? If you don't like this/ call me an idiot/ call me a noob/ or whatever, just leave the thread, you either help me or don't post =) Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------- How can I ipbann someone on a windows pc with the .htaccess file? 614 server please answer ASAP, thanks.
  5. [quote name='bl00dz']You can get in trouble for reposting... Anyways do you know how to fix those run files?[/QUOTE] I had to re-post it, it got removed for having no pics.. And yeah, told you add me on skype i'll fix them for you.
  6. Welcome to Heroes-war 614! All join Heroes-war 614 To download heroes-warr, download the following and follow the steps. Client download no auto cache if auto cache not work : [url]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35053643/Heroes-War%20614%20v4%20Client.rar[/url] Client normal with auto cache: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?1wqrdztw7z6ld08[/url] If you need anything else just add me on skype or send me a pm. Username skype : Owner_Death1 ~* Heroes-war’s Unique Features! *~ The home is located at castlewars! The 3 portals; red, green, and blue are working! you just have to click on them. The red portal takes you to a bank which is beside the PvP area which is located at falador! The green portal takes you to the middle of castlewars, which is multi-safepk! The blue portal takes you to the TzHaar Fight Caves! *i bet you never seen that on a 614* , and the Tzhaar fight caves are also Multi-safepk, where you dont lose stuff but you gain Pk Tokens! Now i’m sure that you never seen a 614 with those features aye? The commands; You can read the commands in-game using this code " ::item 292 1 " , which has all the rules+commands in it, but i’ll say a few commands for you guys. ::home {home teleport} ::nukepvp {Funpk}*You dont lose stuff here* :: pvp {Risking Pk} *You Pk/lose stuff here* ::item (id) (code) < for spawning stuff, and for the codes use this website. [url]Www.itemdb.biz[/url] ; ::empty {empties your inventory permenantly} ::curses true {Changes your prayer book to curses} ::curses false {Changes your prayer book to normal if it’s on curses} ::master {Makes your account maxed with all 99 skills+120 dungeoneering} ::ancients {ancient mages *h0w l33t!*} ::lunars {Taste vengeance bitch!} :: pkbox {Having fun in a box, safe area.} :: players {The player count in-game, which is always 30+ and raising!} ::yell {to yell any message that you want} ::donatorshop {to buy some stuff with a discount in a shop! using your pk tokens} And much more ~* The Rules of Heroes-war *~ -Read this or you WILL regret.- Rule1. No Duping stuff. Rule2. No spec&run. Rule3. Pjing is not aloud in all PK areas. Rule4. No RWT(Real World Trading) except with staff members for donating. Rule5. Dont flame your staff members. Rule6. Dont kill dudes with 1 item only. Rule7. Try to be respectful as much as you can with everyone. Rule8. Dont share your account. Rule9. No Xlogging while fighting. Rule10. Use the Logout button to logout, dont just click on the big X on the top right of ur client. *Not Abiding these rules gives a result of a ban; perm ban; mute; perm mute. Depends on the rule that you broke.* ~*Heroes-war 614 Donation Prices*~ 1) Wallie Card Method. - 5 Euro = 1 Month Extreme donor! - 10 Euro = Lifetime Donator - 15 Euro = Lifetime Extreme Donator NOTE; We already have 150+ Donors on the server, so donate now and be one of those lucky donors! ~* Staff Members of Heroes-war 614 *~ Owners; Owner; Martje. Admins; Head Admin : Warlord Head 2th Admin; Geels 2nd Admin; Free 3rd Admin; free Moderators; None at the moment Pictures! [img]http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g437/xxmartjexxx/Castlewars.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g437/xxmartjexxx/fightpits.png[/img] [img]http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g437/xxmartjexxx/Heroes-warhomepk.jpg[/img] For More pictures and information, visit our runelocus webpage! [url]http://www.runelocus.com/toplist/details-34880-Heroes_War_614_Spawn_+_anti_dupe.html[/url]
  7. How can i make myself an admin/ mod on a 614 RSPS? The notepad thingy is so confusing, i can't understand a single letter :l, can anyone help me please?
  8. For the full guide please go to : [url]http://hell-zone.net/forum/showthread.php?32-A-Full-Guide-To-The-Hellzone[/url] Here is a mini-guide on the server; - Exclusive Features; Donator- $5 Paypal or 6m RSgp Extreme Donator- $10 Paypal or 11m RSgp Trusted member/Custom Yell- $30 Paypal or 31m RSgp Donator Rights- Non Corrupt Pvp Armour, (I)Rings, Yell, and Overloads, Free Torva, Pernix,Etc. Extreme Donator Rights- Non Corrupt Pvp Armour, (I)Rings, Yell, and Overloads, Recover Special, Extreme Potions, Abyssal Vine Whip, Free Torva, and Pernix,Etc. Then get ::Master! Trusted Member Rights-Non Corrupt Pvp Armour, (I)Rings, Yell, and Overloads, Recover Special, Extreme Potions, Abyssal Vine Whip, Free Torva, and Pernix,Etc -They can spawn freely! -And they get ::Master! -Can make there yell say Anything they want! But no crowns Unless you are Told you can. •Attack •Strength •Defence •Ranging •Prayer •Magic •Runecrafting •Construction •Hitpoints •Agility •Herblore •Thieving •Crafting •Fletching •Slayer •Mining •Smithing •Fishing •Cooking •Firemaking •Woodcutting •Farming •Summoning •Hunter ::home ::corp ::nex ::bandos ::armadyl ::zammy ::sara ::bando ::bele ::bork ::jad ::barrel ::barrows ::slashbash ::iceking ::stq ::demon ::elites ::drags ::dungeon ::jd2 ::mole ::dung ::abs ::acav ::aquanites ::sc ::sw ::mb ::kbd ::slayertower ::tarn ::torm ::easts ::wyvern ::skele ::bal ::frosts ::yell < Works for all players! ::changepassword ::empty :: players ::backup < Always remember to do that commands before logging out, just to be safe =) :: pits ::safepvp ::unsafepvp ::fish ::skills ::train ::mine ::hunt ::summon ::wc And More! To download the server please go to : [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?6b661pn2hl6od66[/url] For the webclient go to : [url]http://hellzone662.webege.com/loader.html[/url] Hope you like it :)!
  9. Since you're helping, can you PLEASE tell me or Pm me how to open ports on a 562 loads 659? .. Windows 7 pc. I've been waiting like 2 days for someone to help, no one ever helped :(
  10. Anyone other than trent?