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  1. [quote name='Reddit']Shouldn't do, it's giving me no errors.[/QUOTE] got skype? or teamviewer or something? or post a link too your itemdef?
  2. [quote name='Naughty`']Bear with you? Jesus fucking christ, I can barely even understand you, and you weren't very clear in describing the problem either.[/QUOTE] i posted that while i was linking the photo. although i then just ended posting the error text. its just a error in compiler (client sided), if i compile withno case int there is no error... would be nice if u could help not just flame [quote name='deadrose91']dude nobody will probably help you just saying. :P[/QUOTE] Thanks for this. and whys that?
  3. [quote name='OddyC']Continuing to get error connecting to server error. In client.java changed it to In gui.java changed it to aswell Can someone help please EDIT: found the fix myself, dont worry[/QUOTE] please post the fix
  4. but adding a case gives me that error?:O
  5. when i add ints i get ItemDef.java:272: error: orphaned case case 14484: ^ 1 error Press any key to continue . . . any reason?
  6. ItemDef.java:246: error: orphaned case case 13406: ^ 1 error Press any key to continue . . . anybody know why?
  7. check 'sprites'
  8. 1 : [url]http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=509470.0[/url]
  9. basicly.. i been learning how to code for about two months now (like everyday trying) but i never started a 'clean file's' so went i add models they dont appare in game... and when i add ints i get a error ... will edit and add error in 2 bare with me.
  10. [quote name='DXCory']Use a mod. Search "6 Custom Tabs" on the SMF mod site.[/QUOTE] Thank you for this. but still don't understand how to get the page with a forum on it. thank you for posting
  11. [quote name='eskemo']If you can access ftp go into forum folder then sources search for Subs.php search in the file for something like Forums.php You need to edit this Yours may look different but to change its name you can just edit the line of code to be 'title' => 'forum',[/QUOTE] i don't see how this would keep my home page and add a forum page? [quote name='Acrylix'][url]www.simpleportal.net[/url][/QUOTE] have posted there now thank you.
  12. Ok my new SMF fourms I'm creating for my new server. Well infact my first server. Proberly won't realese this. But I am just trying too learn the easiest way.. So does anybody know how too get on the core menu ' home''fourms' "admin' ect... As currerently its just 'home' and fourms is on home page. I'm using byethost7 for host, (cpannel)... Please pm me or reply.. Thanks! Website ; nvidia-style.byethost7.com
  13. [quote name='Holy Cow']Why don't you just make a new email?[/QUOTE] Thats what i've been doing... for last 5months? but i really need that email back.. due to finding contacts, (my sister) i have no other contact with her over than email. and many emails i need to read.