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  1. your signature with the ip address "cpc5-bedf3-2-0-cust193.9-1.cable.virginmedia.com" seems to be mine :s ...

  2. lol it shows everyones ip???

  3. cruel ko

    How did god become?

    Religion = belief belief = what people believe Believe < Science (proof it self) Science is what determines whats real, because it can be proven.
  4. I want to download skype for my school laptop(mac) but when i go to certain websites it display text only so when i try to log in to download the log in page doesnt load, so is there any way i can download skype.
  5. Well now that i finally got some speed cubes ima try working on it now =p
  6. [quote name='Pickaxe']Don't close it and keep it up for 3 days.[/QUOTE] Yea ik but why wouldnt he save it srsly?
  7. How would you be working on for something for 3 days and not saved?
  8. We dont have textbooks, college prep school everything is pbl based so we got assigned macbooks.
  9. Galveston Texas, its a pretty great place to go.
  10. Well i need help with the definition converse here is what i found need some help on it [url]http://www.jimloy.com/logic/converse.htm[/url]
  11. Talk a walk often, join a sport, something that you like to do and not because and something that might not be stressful
  12. cruel ko

    copy right history

    I need a bit help with these 2 questions its about copy right history How did thomas jefferson influence early copyright philosophy? Second one idk like where this is from this is for a class im taking but this what it says Both articles talk about copyright origin as a "balance" between the rights of creators/copyright holders and the public/users, but the articles also explain how that balance has shifted. What are some examples of that shift? well got the first one i just dont know how to get the second one dont know what paragraphs it talks about but if anyone can help the website is called teaching copyright-Copyright history worksheet its first search on google.