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  1. Still doing this new skype: poesy700
  2. I can do this add my skype: poesy700
  3. Its suposed to work thru item cfg are you sure you eddited the correct values
  4. BUMP ALSO DOING SKILL REWORKS NOW FOR 317 ~! 100% summoning and other skills !
  5. [quote name='ilovecookies']Don't trade him, he's a scammer.. He does fine on small ammounts, but i asked him to create a forum for 50+$. He always said he was busy and then after two weeks, he just logged out. He never came back on skype, ignored my pm's on runelocus. I ordered it on 8th october, still nothing. So everyone, don't trade him lol[/QUOTE] We solved this already on skype: poesy700 :P BUMP STILL DOING SERVICES !!!
  6. [quote name='Ikiliki']Never ever Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] Good choice ! Fuck IPB! Functionality > Design
  7. I hate the idea of the new direction. And i agree with that the forums are in active as crap. But still i look on runelocus occasionly for my coding problems.
  8. [quote name='Xerialtje']BAD SERVICE. First off all, vote4cash didnt work so i asked to fix this. He gave me the oppurtunity to choose for Auth system, alright thats nice of him. That olso didnt work. I ask him to teamview and fix the problem. NO ANSWER. He uses scripts from tutorials here and cant even install them. I thought he was legit scripter but he isnt. I asked for refund and I will never see my money again. Paid and no service? 15 years old, i gotta knew it... 0/10[/QUOTE] Well first of all my system works it worked for like 7 days then you tell me on skype it doesnt work i go check it out and you messed alot with the code no where on my thread do i mention a money back guarentee or whatever and you were basicly threatening me with "im gonna chargeback my money" bro go ahead i did my service and it worked when i did it afterwards im not responsible with you fucking up the code. And no you dont get 50 reports a day you barely have 6 players online. "15 years old i gotta knew it" Wow thats really age racist cause lots of coders around here and other rsps community's start young with coding 14-16 and are pretty good at it. Please just gtfo of my thread. BTW he also threatened me with "ill tell all my players to post on your thread youre a scammer" well go ahead thats really immature even tho youre the one thats 21 years old fucking dumbass FYI i blocked you on skype and i highly recommend anybody not to do any payment with him cause he is most likely to charge it back he told me "Youre selling code its just air i can chargeback my money you have no proof" Heads up for you runelocus folks. Give me 1 reason i would scam you i have 20 vouches and i have done services up to 50-100$ and you think id scam you for your 10$?? Please gtfo.
  9. [quote name='Orient']Or, you could not be a dumbass and make one class for all of the commands and use a processor to determine what level of commands to give you. Kinda like RuneEscape and Matrix for example. They have the best command handler out of almost every source I've used.[/QUOTE] You are the reason i dislike gay people "Or you could not be a dumbass" be a litle more friendly bitch. OT this looks like same system as PI its pretty cool but would be cool if it worked on rights like PI ill try that.
  10. 300c Chrysler for sure for the nice bentley look for a fraction of the price
  11. [quote name='Mercenary']To be honest, with those specs, I don't think you could be able to host 5 servers at once. Maybe 2 at max.[/QUOTE] Indeed i mean lol pentium 4 2.1 ghz
  12. nice cant wait for release ! You might be able to make a setting to change the width and length of the java applet ? shouldnt be too hard i think :P You can do it in percentages or in pixels i think