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  1. Okey guys, im new to coding and i've used ''Deathlypvpz source and client'' its a (PI) source. I tried to add drops to barrows cuzz i moved them and want em to drop barrow items instead of getting 5Kc and do it over and over again. This is the barrows for now : - [url]http://prntscr.com/1507g5[/url] Okey these are my Npc drop files. - [url]http://prntscr.com/1507v1[/url] Honestly i've tried alot already, i have no idea whats wrong. If you want to help me, reply here or add me on skype : nielskeeeeeeeen I also have team viewer if needed.
  2. lolpipo10

    Im sad :(

    Me and my gf are in a really big fight :( I hope our relationchip can stand.
  3. lolpipo10

    coder needed

    i need a coder for a PI source 317 loading 562 add my skype : nielskeeeeeeeen