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  1. I payed you back and you said were cool -.-

  2. Do believe you'll be enjoying the scammers' list, like me.

  3. ricky1179

    World War II

  4. im back online and can do a trade now, u ready?

  5. around 100-200m

  6. Much you looking for?

  7. interested in buying some gp, still selling?

  8. ricky1179

    School Uniforms

    [quote name='Kill Joy']No fuck no. My school dress code (private school) changed in 2006. We were allowed to wear anything basically :p Now it's collar shirt, solid color pants, no flip flops and stuff..[/QUOTE] No offence but who would want to wear flip flops to school? OT: yes I think the formal look of schools with uniform looks very smart.
  9. Stop trying to scam people...

  10. ricky1179


    [quote name='ultikiller20']The white van. With rainbow coloring on it saying: "Fr33 [email protected]"[/QUOTE] Please stop trying to be funny, It's not working...
  11. [quote name='ultikiller20']Accepting MM's for giving out free cash. P.S: You dont get the free cash. it all goes to me :D (giving myself cash makes me feel good)[/QUOTE] P.S stop trying to be funny xD
  12. [quote name='nub skilla']Wrong section, brah.[/QUOTE] Shet haha, I ment pictures. Mod please move please :)
  13. [url]http://screensnapr.com/v/ZN3spZ.png[/url]
  14. ricky i buy 10m rsgp for 15$