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  1. Hunter, summoning, 2x traps for chinchompas, imps catching, demon boss, have been added, Tons of updates.
  2. Alot of updates has been added as highscores and many more join today !
  3. Official Eudora-World Trailer Farming FightPits More Comming Soon... Why Eudora-World? Do you like building up your character? Giving your character that extra touch that nobody has? Being one of the first people joining a fast growing community? Than Eudora-World is definitely something for you! Home Forums WEBCLIENTk About Blog Wiki Combat Rate Range : 1000xp for 1 damage dealt to your enemy. Melee : 1000xp for 1 damage dealt to your enemy. Magic : 1000xp for 1 damage dealt to your enemy. Slayer Fully working slayer depending on combat level. Accurate npc drops. Option to cancel your task. Player gains Slayer Points for every task he completes. Fishing Emote while fishing. Chance of getting a random event while fishing. The option to fish coins. Fishing spots with specific fishing level required/item. Mining Over 8 rocks. Time of mining based on the pickaxe and mining level. Donator rocks. Chance of getting a random event while mining. Emote while mining. Smithing Full smithing interface depending on what bar you use on the anvil. Bars can be bought from a npc. Donators have to option to use a close bank. Emote while smithing. Multiple anvils spread out around the world. Cooking Emote while cooking. Exp based on fish. Burning based on cooking level. Automatically cooks the players inventory. Agility Emote while doing the obstacle. Full gnome course. Bonus exp when laps completed. perfect exp rate. Prayer Option to burry the bones. Bones on altar x4 of the current exp. Gambling Perfect accurate gambling system. Nothing handled by process. Donators feature only. Unique. Crafting Emote while crafting. Fully working gem crafting. Farming Herbs growing. Perfect Emotes. Patch updates player based. WEBCLIENT : http://www.eudora-world.com/wbType.html ZIP # download the client here : Direct Mirror # download the client here : Uppit RAR # download the client here : Direct Mirror # download the client here : UppIT ADMIN STATUS[OPEN] MODERATOR STATUS[OPEN] REPORTER STATUS[OPEN] GFX DESIGNER STATUS[OPEN]
  4. trolls like you ruin runelocus, just sayn.
  5. Well keep on hating. It works perfectly fine, and for the people that can't fix the client just use another if your that desperated.
  6. Dear people, I had so much fun working on this server, but austin decided to hack the vps and trying to push me out of the project and let me look like a fool.:s Thats why i'm here to tell you that i'm releasing the server, and i'm very sorry for the people that played it, but I have no other option left than releasing it and helping the community with it. for a clear view about the updates you can look my daily thread here : Daily Updates and if you looking for a great homepage like this : Home Page You can always pm me for the deal (no scammers) Have fun using it. Thats All I have to say, 100% Aintaro ~~ -TOTALEXP gainer -LOGIN AMOUNT OF PK POINTS DISPLAYED -face to object -face to npc -face to player in trading -specleech, defenceleech, attackleech, strengthleech, rangedleech, magicleech work properly with the correct gfx and emote -Thieving -Crafting -Donator area -bank glitch fixed -Range shop -Thieving chest -Sceptre -Red button for ticket exchange 15kea -Full fishing added -Frame 1 fixed -Interface template made -Sceptre teleporting to chaotic bosses -Teletab can't teleport in combat -Chest readded works perfectly -ALL3 bosses finished -Drops for bosses -Bosse healing and chatting -vls spec decreased -Npcdrops rewritten -chaotic rapier added to server -Shadow sword special and bonus added -Added full fishing -Redid shop methods -Updated some boards on the forums -Chaotic Weapons -Curse Prayers (leeches, ss, turm, etc.) -PvP Armour -All Spirit Shield Effects -Fixed pk farming. Server Files Client Files (Webclient Ready) 100% Working leech prayers, ofcourse the other works also. -New bosses added , the chaotic meleer, the chaotic mager, and the chaotic ranger, these are located east of runite rocks in the wilderness. -Our brand new chaotic rapier and shadow sword are introduced in the server -Sceptre now teleports you into the wilderness close to the 3 bosses, you will need to sacrifie 5 pk points to get you teleported that deep in the wilderness. You can sell/buy items in shop.
  7. how can i get a client with the button interfaces like runescape .. like yours?have you got one?

  8. if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("switch")) { if (c.inWild()) { return; } if (c.playerMagicBook == 1) { c.sendMessage("You switch to modern magic."); c.setSidebarInterface(6, 1151); c.playerMagicBook = 0; } else { c.sendMessage("You switch to ancient magic."); c.setSidebarInterface(6, 12855); c.playerMagicBook = 1; } } } that should work.
  9. aintaro


    what server do you guys play on? i got alpha 2
  10. Please fucking tell me when your server will be up. Thanks, Gl Im Tanked AKA [email protected] AKA Your #1 Non-Mod Player :P

  11. Fightpits is now fully working no more glitches and runecrafting skill added works perfectly ! Webclient and highscore comming soon !!