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  1. Matty

    Hahaha fucking hell, it's been a long time

  2. Slik

    GEEZ whats goin on

  3. Matty

    What is your occupation?

    Civil Engineer, in particular, structural design engineer. Doing a degree in Manufacturing Engineering as well.
  4. hello u lil bitch u wan fite me?

  5. bf1942 time GOGOGOGOGOGOGOOO

  6. WHat day is 2 day

  7. Happy Birthday :p

  8. u just blew my pants

  9. Slik

    Doing decent mate. What work you doing? Still at your granddad's?

  10. Matty

    i'm not bad mate, how r u beautiful?

  11. Slik

    Ello Princess hows it hanging bbydoll

  12. Matty

    thnx bbz xxxxxxxx

  13. Slik

    Love ya too xx

  14. Matty

    lil bitch <3

  15. hey syncy u so fine, you so fine, you blow my mind, hey syncy