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  1. Good luck with the full release, this looks promising.
  2. [quote name='Cjay0091']Looks like you've just used corruptionx leaked source.[/QUOTE] You gonna reply to this?
  3. Looks like you've just used corruptionx leaked source.
  4. [quote name='Ikiliki']Yes it has been offline. Infact, I haven't made any profit during the christmas holidays, instead I have over $5000 USD damage due to attacks. Next to that, I'm also run-down.[/QUOTE] Well, then you'd realise that it's difficult to make a rebound. You have such a large and widely used toplist, it's not hard to make back that and more profit. A small rsps like corruptionx makes that money every 2 - 3 months, we also pay for ddos protection now due to those three servers (approx 700$) thats almost all of our profit. The rest went to saving for advertisement to runelocus. Anyways, lets remove all bias aside. It's clear the you're being one-sided right now. What can we do to be re-added to the toplist? At this point the servers will still be attacked and removed and you will lose three of your biggest sources of income, which will seriously affect you. [quote name='Cart']You're using our toplist as a hit list. I think they would override the "we're not the RSPS police" rule.[/QUOTE] If your toplist was to be used a hitlist, more than three would be offline.
  5. [quote name='Cart']You're using our toplist as a hit list. I think they would override the "we're not the RSPS police" rule.[/QUOTE] Using your toplist as a hitlist? There is no affiliation between your toplist and an exploit on a select few servers.
  6. [quote name='Ikiliki']RuneLocus has been under attack about 19 hours a day since the past two months.[/QUOTE] Okay, you've been under attack 19 hours a day for the past two months... You still haven't been offline. Your website doesn't need to be online to still make a profit, rsps does. It's ridiculous when we (CX administration) have to pay out of our own pockets that could be going to the pockets of our kin. I've had to sacrifice my christmas presents to my brothers due to this DDOS attacks just to keep CX online. My family was hurt as I really was obligated to make my siblings have a great christmas. I now have an opportunity to give them the justice they deserve, to follow the same path we (CX administration) did. I truly feel our retaliation is justified; however, you continue to push on the fact that the servers on your toplist are being removed. I don't believe that's an issue you should hold any responsibility to, there could be many scenarios where this would have happened. They could have all died out, they could have simply closed their servers. It's not uncommon. Pick a side dug, RSPS police or toplist hoster. I get this might hurt your profits, but grind a little bit and do what's right.
  7. [quote name='Ikiliki']Travis, the owner of Moparscape, added the voting feature to his status page just to annoy me. Kevin also stole much of my work and ideas. There's plenty of other toplists on the web too, all based on my ideas. Do you see me hacking them? The funniest part is the part where I actually helped Kevin when his site was being hacked, even though he's constantly using my work.[/QUOTE] Now assume they both took you down through illegal method (DDOS), that would give you an incentive to retaliate wouldn't it? I also dislike how badly you are misnaming the attacks, it's using an exploit. There is a difference between that and hacking a server. If the owners want the attack to stop they can simply fix it themselves.
  8. [quote name='Ikiliki']Leeching is something that has always been happening in this scene, since the very beginning. This scene can't do without leeching, honestly I'd even say better well stolen than badly invented. That's how we invented RuneScape private servers too, no? If someone leeches your work, use it as motivation to create something (even) better, take legal action or try to ruin their reputation by spreading the "they're leeching"-word like you're currently doing. Don't go hacking a bunch of my toplist users. Don't ever try to blackmail me, I'm pretty much immune to that. Instead, I'll even care less than I probably already do, even when it's bad for myself. I guess that's an allergic response to blackmailing.[/QUOTE] Well, he wasn't blackmailing you, he simply stated removing us off a toplist wouldn't help cease attacks to other users. There have been plenty of backdoors in the past people abused, and yet we are the only group who gets punished? Dug, your decision was purely based off the thought of losing more website views and clicks. That's really selfish. On the basis of leeching, the exploit doesn't target leeched servers, only servers that have used stolen work. I think that's a fair reason to retaliate against someone else.
  9. [quote name='Ikiliki']Apparently not. I definitely would've known about the situation if it had such a bad impact on RuneLocus and has been going on for over a year.[/QUOTE] This is completely ridiculous, out of EVERY server in the game you choose to remove ours? I don't seem to think how indebted you are to us, without our work your forums would have CRUMBLED by now. Not to mention I've been trying to help runelocus for years now. We are simply retaliating to other's who have taken from us. You aren't the internet police or the RSPS police, and what we are doing isn't in any way illegal. Ultimately, I fail to see why us retaliating towards another server is affecting runelocus at ALL. Unless it's been an advertisement for you and you want to keep the cash flowing..
  10. You guys should host already :/
  11. I see your active again, got skype?

  12. Download any matrix source, not like anything special was added to revX..
  13. Cjay0091

    World War 3

    [quote name='Chancee']NK isn't stupid enough, China is our allie and has told NK that they would not back them up if they send anything, Plus, NK gets a very big amount of support from China, as well as resources. China cuts them off, NK has nothing. Kim Jong-un is not THAT stupid.[/QUOTE] I actually hope he is that stupid so we can get rid of NK already, regimes need to stop... Lets fucking free the starving people already, If there was oil in NK it would be downed already.
  14. Cjay0091

    World War 3

    [quote name='Sethy']People look at situations like with such a one-lane thought. Yes, America would buttfuck North Korea into oblivion; that's not the point. When you retaliate with nuclear force, you're not the only countries involved. Our enemies freak the fuck out, our allies freak the fuck out, EVERYONE freaks the fuck out. If we ever decide to defend via nuclear power, the entire world gets involved. America's economy and current political sate can't handle a world war right now.[/QUOTE] That's actually untrue. History displays a different pattern than shows the economy growing while we are in major wars, specially WW's. Hell, WW2 brought us out of the Great Depression lol. If North Korea sends even one nuke I'm sure they will lose any allies they have. America won't send a nuke because of ally's around North korea. Doesn't mean we can't send smaller missiles.