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  1. I Forgot my Other password AGAIN. so yeah, i forgot my password again~

  2. I Forgot my password, And just now remembered to say i forgot it. So yeah, I forgot my password~

  3. Emily is my true lover (: Ahahaha..harhahrhehrthharhraerhaerer vvv

  4. I r groovy? niace! ;D

  5. y u no talk to me on msn?

  6. I will be "Exambling" My whole summer. Just kidding,
  7. I like reading your conversations.. There ...groovy <3

  8. y u no get on msn

  9. cuz u never get on??

  10. y u no talk to me on msn?

  11. y u no get on msn

  12. for sure, party til we die <3