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  1. When in pvp you cast a spell on someone for example barrage or blitz.. your character doesnt turn towards your target to start maging them.. for example if im looking opposite direction of someone and i barrage him. it will be barraging him but im going to be facing opposite direction.. It works fine with autocasting though. could someone post a solution for this please? Thank you,
  2. Hello guys Im using dementhium and ipmute/ipban work but unipmute/unipban do not work. can someone tell me the working commands please? and if i have to do/edit something in the PunishHandler.java or something??? Thank you need the help asap though :)
  3. On my webclient the player when he wields armour or anything on him he becomes invisible. for example if im not wearing anything i can see myself but if i wear just a helmet or something on the head my head becomes invisible. same with all parts of body. could someone help me out please?:) Thank you !!!
  4. - I need a good server coder -the server has been on for 2 weeks and is now on vps -the server community is growing quite fast if anyone is interested just leave a reply here and also add me on msn [email][email protected][/email] also if you could please leave a post saying how long you been coding and what could you code on 639's Thank you,
  5. il set it all up for you bro. just pm me ur teamview id/pass
  6. doesnt mean cuz the end of ur username is dylan001 it means ur someone pro... i could name myself i zezima and pretend im zezima... ^^ ... if u wonna help me out you could do the webclient for me and believe me im more than happy paying just 10$ for it
  7. Its funny to say how u post on everybody which is requesting something. and asking for paypal etc...which most probs ur gonna scam everyone..
  8. go to turmoilgod639.smfnew.com

  9. I have a webclient for my 639 which is eclipse but theres some how of a glitch which parts of ur body for example head etc is invisible etc. what can i do to fix that? OR if i cant fix if anyone is kind enough to make a new webclient for me need replies asap pls Thank you,
  10. il help u out from teamview. inbox me ur id/pass
  11. il show u how to get access from teamview. inbox me ur id/pass
  12. add me on msn il help you out.. [email][email protected][/email]
  13. [quote name='pl4ytodeath']so i need to open 43595[/QUOTE] if u need any help let me know i can do it all for u
  14. bump still need help