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  1. RuneLocus Username: Godswords Computer Information: Processor:Intel Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E 6-Core 3.6GHz Cores/Threads: 6/6 Provided Cores/Threads: 4/4 Total System Memory: 8 GB Provided Memory: 2-4 GB Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (licensed) 32-Bit or 64-Bit: 64 bit Hosting Type: Regular? Contact me on skype if interested: pbotgold4service.
  2. I am looking for developers for my PI server. I need them to be good at the RSPS api. Please add my skype if you are interested (don't bother wasting my time, I will check if you are good). My skype is pbotgold4service. lolking
  3. I'm going to play this when it comes out. This looks so sick. Definitely never seen this before.
  4. godswords

    PI 317 help

    Give us a link to your source and we can help you create a run.bat..
  5. Please add my skype: pbotgold4service, we can talk farther.
  6. No offence, but I see so many 06remakes and I see that none of them have anything special about them. If you can get advertising and etc, I can do the coding: add my skype: pbotgold4service.
  7. I'm going to check out 508 revisions, but I don't expect much lol.
  8. Add my skype, I can help you. My skype is pbotgold4serivce.
  9. Send me a pm with any errors you have. I'll try to help some people.
  10. [quote name='Night Night']I'd say it would go good along side another server that would have all the other ranges of armour and weapons.[/QUOTE] I think you missed my point, this would be an f2p pking server, becayse i havent seen anything like this before.
  11. I'm godswords, I added you. I am pbotgold4service (new skype).
  12. [quote name='HardCloud']The VPS you currently have won't run anything. If you're still looking for a partner it works like this. You code, I provide. Oh and i also do everything WebSite sided. Please don't contact me unless you have some previous work to show. Skype: [COLOR="#FF0000"]Phybics[/COLOR][/QUOTE] He's right unfortunetly, this will only hold about 10 people before it laggs, maybe less.
  13. [quote name='Fall Out']what revision? :o[/QUOTE] Probobly 474 or delta. Im probobly going to use 474 since its probobly easier. (In terms of making it F2P)
  14. Pretty sure none of these exploits work anymore lol.
  15. So I am thinking of making a F2P server, where people can pk with f2p armor, like r2h/r scim..would anyone be interested in this?lolking