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  1. Well hello. Miss me?

  2. My msn is [email protected]. You're now obliged to add me.

  3. But why you so ignorant though?

  4. Fuck Team Rocket

  5. can I convert you to Islam?

  6. Sorry, them Muslim dun went and got me :/

  7. Today I think I might be a marine, we're bamf's aren't we? Going in and beating the shit out of them tERRRRROISSST. Yeah being a marine is pretty cash. Bitches love me, always playing with my bug guns if you know what I mean. I can do about 500 push ups with one hand. Don't be to impressed, I can touch my ear with my spine. Yeah, if you ever need anything I played varsity everything in high school and can bench 3000 pounds whilst doing multiple back flips into my viper gt speeding down the highway to my girls house. Where I fucked her and did a front flip out of her window getting the gold at the Olympics FOR 6 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES! All of them in the name of AMERICA

  8. i'm a pirate, being a pirate is nice. We get to sail our ships and float on water and shit. This one time we ran into this one nigga named black bear. We ran a train on his ship wife, shit was so cash. But I'm out losers, off to steal all that booty. Which is also cash.

  9. 459 is online

  10. I act like a g6 like a like a g6

  11. I'm right here

  12. No, I started ************ before Aj & went by Aj. Then I started going by my real name Andrew & Aj had his name changed to Aj.

  13. How much are you offerin

  14. I don't have to learn what I already know, sure you learn more about the client or how to better design your framework, but all in all it's nothing new. I do much more than RSPS, it just so happens I host one because I work on it the most. I don't care about your personal problems, as I said if you don't like it leave, you aren't going to do anything about it but bitch. I've had cancer, I don't get pissy when people make fun of it. Because you know what it does? Nothing. Just like you, you whine & do nothing but annoy me.

  15. You're implying I have to give up my social life to do a few updates a week. So you're saying everyone who works at Jagex has no social life because they're paid to make a game? Or any game company for that matter. You have no logic at all, you seem to be as smart as a slug. Regardless nothing is wrong with the word cancer in and of itself. And using cancer as a phrase for unwanted things is not mean either, you're just a moral idiot.

  16. Is that suppose to be an insult? I will go back to coding my money making rsps. cancer, god such a mean word >=[

  17. You're really are retarded aren't you cancer boy.

  18. I said get on

  19. Why you no talk to me on msn