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  1. A lot has really changed with servers in these past 5 years! I remember when customs weren't so attractive to most, now they're all over lol
  2. Been a while, just want to say sup and ask how everyone is doing?
  3. [quote name='i had a beer']Hey i will let u in on a secret! when u join ws pm a player called igli and he will give u free st00f.[/QUOTE] Lmao yeah sure.
  4. Server should be online, I don't know why it was offline for you. And thanks guys for you kind words. :]
  5. Here you go sir, sorry for the wait. This will answer all your donation questions too. [url]http://wsevolutions.com/content.php?388-Donating-back-up[/url] Also: Blumorz
  6. They will be back up soon, I'll keep you posted as soon as possible.
  7. [quote name='Carrscape']I see customs? :o[/QUOTE] We don't have any customes. If you're talking about the Vesta and Statius ect. those are not customes, they are PvP armor or some people call ancient armor.
  8. [quote name='tryme']Websterscape has been out for years, how is this just now being posted?????[/QUOTE] We were in the toplist, I don't really know why we never posted though lol
  9. [quote name='SolitudeX']I would be very worthy if you were hiring, i would rather be forum staff then in-game though.[/QUOTE] We aren't looking for staff at the moment, but your actions will speak louder then you words because we have many loyal and worthy players that have been playing with us for years. [quote name='Codeusa']You want people to play your server, but you can't even fix a landscape bug after following a shitty tutorial?[/QUOTE] What are you talking about?
  10. [quote name='SolitudeX']Hook me up with staff?[/QUOTE] You'll have to show us you are worthy enough for staff with your time playing and experience. We are not one of those new servers that give staff out to anyone.