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  1. Well, I don't traverse this plane much, but I thought I would share something I have done , many here may enjoy. Rise of the Cylons Pt.1 [video=youtube;mS7OckKA8VA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS7OckKA8VA[/video] [I]Please Check Quality of Video Settings, Rec. 720 Large Plyr.[/I] First off. Did you like the video? The CGI? The Music Mix? The Story or Concept? The Look? Leave a comment. Would you like to see another short related or following up this one? The story of the cylons .... more based on original BSG...Cr. Glen Larson..[ATTACH=CONFIG]6864[/ATTACH] "The cylons were not created by man. They were alien. They did not require sex every 33 minutes. If created by man, yeah, I can see the machine wanting to boogie and get it on too." "Monkey see, Monkey do right?" --Randal R (today) :D Premises, Notes, Concept etc... My original outlay of the short fictional story based loosely on the original series story and speculations. [I]"Many yarhens ago, a race known as Ceylons,escaped from their doomed and dying world. They built machines so their civilization would survive. Soon the Ceylons realized they could gain what they had lost...... through conquest. And after generations of this, it became their sole purpose. The Ceylons are thought to have died off, no one really knows,but their civilization of machines lives on. And their purpose? Annihilation!"[/I] Second Perspective: [I]"It all started when we discovered a crashed ship of another race. The ship was operated by mechanical machines. As we were investigating, several unknown ships attacked our recon team. We soon realized they were of the same type of craft found on the moon. The Council of Twelve is alarmed and is ordering the Colonial Fleet to find this race and open diplomatic relations. To soothe over any misunderstanding." [/I] Development .... I was also trying to add some boarding action with the cylon models, but since I can only animate them in R10. I was having a whole lot of difficulty getting things to match up, let alone start animating them. I found that I was unsure of what to add next, I got more lines of story I can tell, but it just seemed like it needed to end here. And maybe I will do another take off this with some colonial action. Ironic, that a race built machines to survive, and those very machines turned on them, ... or did they? Also, the Ceylons endured a hardship and holocaust and near extinction, had they not been advanced enough to travel in their system and colonize, there would have been no survivors of the gamma ray burst and it's killing effects.They had to escape, leave their world's behind to their peril.And later force this same situation on many other races. Bent on near madness from this they only knew that they had to take and conquer. This they instilled into their machines (Cylons). Or did the machines inherit this? As far as history goes this is the best accounting of the Cylons. Unknown if their masters still are masters, extinct, terminated or if they existed.We know that when we did encounter them (See Cylon First Contact) they had a vast Empire already enslaved to their ideals. Regards, Randal R.
  2. wont do any good, I do not read or use all 20 of my emails, spam is detrimental to efficiency.

  3. This began simple enough, just playing with a landscape, and it kept making me think of Hoth. I Looked at film, and first sequences, I said, lets do those... Well, what I have done so far. [I]Must be Seen in min 720p and in min Large viewer or lose 70% of stars-rez[/I] [video=youtube;w83VV64w3JY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w83VV64w3JY[/video] Am atm trying to do the Probe droid smack and using some dynamics, which I desperately need to get more acquainted with. It actually began really nice and effortless, but soon, $&*(#&*@^()%$) happens....... Story when I blow up Youtube HQ with A fleet of Battlestars and Baseships. Even the Cylons can't take it anymore. :lol: <<<<Now that's an idea for a video. Blow up YouTube HQ and guaranteed a million views LOL Model by Ansel Hsaio NOTE: I have tried in vain to get an upload to look as I see it on comp or in preview, or final render. Youtube and Sony and Adobe-MPEG do not mix IMHO! I can only use H264 in AFX and trying to do video and audio in AFX is a waste of effort. SO- To see 70% of the Stars in opening shot requires MIN 720p HD in Large Screen or better. even then it is not even what I get on comp render or close to # of stars. I had added actual footage to compare with,, but Youtube Immediately blocked it worldwide and and even lowered my acct status because of it. well, when done I will dispute, for purposes of comparison.
  4. is that free hand? if so, not shabby at all
  5. My first Mograph animation, and done in 3d. My first real use of mograph. I been learning about 3d and C4d stereoscopic rendering. So, I ordered a pair of anaglyph glasses (amazon.com $4.95) After finishing Battlestar vs Battlestar, I wanted to dabble in this 3d thing, just to check it out, and WOW !..... I actually just started making this as an experiment, but it just started to take on a life of its own. unsure if I will make a Frampton Comes Alive again in 3D vid.... Requires Anaglyph 3d glasses Red(L)Cyan® [video=youtube;ZI2kme7-Gu8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI2kme7-Gu8[/video] [B][U][I]if I could do liquid, you would be all wet...[/I][/U][/B]:eek: It is so cool..... oh, a Star Wars Scroll might be nice to do too... Well, it is much better than it looks on YouTube. Due to Youtube Ghosting preview in both C4d and Sony Vegas is awesome.
  6. Ready for a ride? at least some of it...... [I]May want to check/change quality of video to 720, Best Viewed Fullscreen 720 < seriously[/I] [video=youtube;Oq1ecGZu79g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq1ecGZu79g[/video] [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq1ecGZu79g[/url] "illegal use of marijuana is authorized" - I approve this message ---LOL ^^^^ Humor..^^^^ Hope you enjoy it, I do not make these to show off anything other than for others to enjoy. Best and Regards, Randal R. To past forays: Maybe I could get a WB and all things be cool? Like the new look of forum. Since I get a lot of requests from here even after 6 months gone, I decided to try and share here again. I do not think myself high and mighty and above. I have tried whenever possible to help others and fullfill requests FREE OF CHARGE!!! Sorry to those of you I never responded to PM's or attmpts at emails, things here were not friendly at all. My apologies. Besides, I do make pretty good damn videos. For a NOOB.
  7. What's your Email

  8. Sorry, but I want nothing to do with this place, Out of the many placse I participate in, this and only one other site has ever been nothing but rude, obnoxious and downright hateful and bash loving idiots, and I been online for over 19 years. I only respond due to email and wish to convey this. Thank you for trying, but I do not handle any Gfx requests from here either, after what these assholes (Mods-Ret staff do.) obviously they do not want a thriving respectable community. Regards, Randal R

  9. Well, I had a discussion a few months back with an admin or two about this bashing and other shit. I was told some changes were in the works, Now, I aint insulted no one, I aint bashed no one unless done so to first. I have had enuff of this shit... see Post> http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?74356-Romulans-vs-Borg-I&p=641097&posted=1#post641097 I guess it was lie what I was told. SOK by me, I will not post anymore, no sweat of my back or yours. But this site is not run by its own rules. Regrads,

  10. I made this one short. Am working on a second Rom vs Borg II Rom vs Borg I [video=youtube;JtzhLDhaksU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtzhLDhaksU[/video] Sneek Peek at Rom vs Borg II [video=youtube;6bBsJvt_1dA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bBsJvt_1dA[/video]
  11. Another one in the works. This will incorporate my newly discovered technique. Electrified Hull and Electrified Disintegration, gimme a chance to tweak it. here is new wip [video=youtube;7MD7yg91xrc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MD7yg91xrc[/video]
  12. This is just some clips of video,tests,Fx I have done in recent weeks. Not everything. This was just an idea I threw together but it has some really good shots in it. And Def Leppard helps too. [video=youtube;lAZ1n0h128I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZ1n0h128I[/video]
  13. Some Star Wars Stuff. 1st Episode Bandit On the Run ( A Love Story?) [video=youtube;9I7UHY7OCLE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I7UHY7OCLE[/video] 2nd BETTER Episode Bandit On the Run- Escape [video=youtube;trRiAXQaAzk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trRiAXQaAzk[/video]