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  1. Thank you. where can I get this delta source code? And where should I learn Java from?
  2. So this is my first time programming and making a Pserver or any of this Jazz. And I have some questions as a noobie, of course. First off, besides basic, what is a good programming language for a beginner? I know a little VB and Basic, but not much else. Second, where can I get runescapes actual source code? For those interested I have no intention of putting up a Pserver exactly like RS. I just want to start with a premade source code that's not even 1/10 off the mark, and work from there, so I can make a game close to RS, but not exactly alike. Third, what tools, if any, can help me turn the source code towards 8-bit style game play? Four, what is a good image editor to turn stuff 8-bit? Paint? Gimp? Photoshop? Sumo? Five, I suppose you see where I am going with this now aren't you? What would I use to change the back ground to a 3d style 8-bit? Six, yes I like 8-bit. Seven, what tools are easy for a beginner? Eight, are RSC client and tools that much different from current RS tools? Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions for a beginner please tell me.