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  1. When I run my client I get this Error: jaclib.hardware_info.HardwareInfo.getCPUInfo Class98_Sub35.<init>:254 Cla ss98_Sub46_Sub17.method1624:434 Class98_Sub43_Sub1.method1490:90 client.method10 8:2612 client.method86:2276 Applet_Sub1.method85:210 Applet_Sub1.run:400 java.la ng.Thread.run | java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jaclib.hardware_info.HardwareInf o.getCPUInfo()[I | jaclib.hardware_info.HardwareInfo.getCPUInfo()[I (Recovered) And then it gets stuck at fetching updates for about a minute and then it loads,my guess is that I need new cache? Please help me kind runelocus community:D
  2. Willing to pay 2-3m Rsgp for a fix!
  3. Cant Find any Im sorry,anyway you can link me?
  4. Alright so me and a friend set up a dementhium source test. He is hosting from his regular ip he is also portforwarded. But when I run the client it gets stuck at fetching updates. And it just sits there intill he restarted the server then it connected. it does this everytime anyone know?
  5. [quote name='zzmythzz']Should have just done what i said you would have been fineshed agers ago.[/QUOTE]I didnt know what you ment. Could you explain?
  6. There is no j'ava.exe its just java.exe my bad
  7. So thats the code I put into my compiler? take out old in with the new.
  8. Thats the code I replace for my compiler?
  9. Im not understanding lol Im a bit new got a skype?
  10. Hmm I had the latest verison so now what?
  11. Alright going to the site now wo upgrade
  12. Hello I need help with my compiler. Everytime I compile it I get this 'unrecognized option: -d could not create the java virtual machine" This is also my compiler @echo off "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\j'ava.exe" -classpath deps/log4j-1.2.15.jar;deps/jython.jar;deps/xstream.jar;deps/mina.jar;deps/mysql.jar;deps/poi.jar;deps/slf4j.jar;deps/slf4j-nop.jar -d bin src\server\event\*.java src\server\model\items\*.java src\server\model\minigames\*.java src\server\model\npcs\*.java src\server\model\objects\*.java src\server\model\players\*.java src\server\model\players\skills\*.java src\server\model\players\packets\*.java src\server\model\shops\*.java src\server\net\*.java src\server\task\*.java src\server\util\*.java src\server\world\*.java src\server\util\log\*.java src\server\*.java src\server\world\map\*.java pause exit' Im running on the Land of PvP source/Client If anyone could get back to me ASAP I would be much appreciated!