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  1. NEW CLIENT RELEASED - UPDATES ONCE A DAY ALL TOGETHER SO IT DOESN'T EFFECT YOUR GAME PLAY. Forums - [url]http://www.reaperscape.net[/url] Webclient - [url]http://reaperscape.net/index.php?action=ezportal;sa=page;p=5[/url] Price Guide - [url]http://reaperscape.net/index.php?board=7.0[/url] Why you should play ReaperScape - There are thousands of rsps', why should you play ReaperScape? WE ARE A PK SERVER! AND WE NEED PLAYERS AND STAFF. ReaperScape is currently one of the LOW listed servers It's super easy to train and make money. Don't like training those combat skills? It's just a command away! To learn more, login and play! 12X XP FOR NEW PLAYERS FOR THE FIRST 2 HOURS Also, ReaperScape is ran on a powerful dedicated server: What does that mean to you? 100% uptime and no lag! I WILL NEVER SHUT DOWN THIS SERVER. EVEN IF IT MEANS ASKING A FRIEND TO HOST I SHALL. I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS TO TAKE UP SPACES FOR: Owner: James Co-Owner: Calder Head-Admin: Bubbles Admins: Open Open Head Mod: Open Mods: Open Open Player support: Open Open Testers: Open Open WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
  2. nice guide mate :) but how you can bring a server online so everybody can plays it?
  3. I understand using password "admin" with no password, and if that dont work then dont enter anything. But it both don't work for me. (note: i've tried both things you've said, they both don't work for me)
  4. it says i cant run the server from some reason? it says cant find patch. i wanna check it out lol. please someone help me.
  5. I tried to run the server but it didn't work, it said cant find patch.