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  1. Looks good bro. And then I open it up.. and looks bad.
  2. Somebody hasn't played the server in a while?
  3. This sucks though. It's like half a year old
  4. Or just setup a MySQL database?
  5. This server has had it's ups and downs. Reaching > 1000 players and going < 50. Contact the coder of this: [email protected] THIS IS NOT YOUR STANDARD BATTLESCAPE/WINTERLOVE. IT'S NETWORKING IS REDONE IT CAN EASILY HOLD 2000 PLAYERS!! This HAS SQL. [DOWNLOAD SERVER] [DOWNLOAD CLIENT] Live Radio DJ We are now offering our own live radio stream with a professional DJ - Evan. We plays various genres that include rap, hip hop, rock, pop, electric, metal, jazz, and sometimes we play funny commercials like the WTF Blanket!?! commercial. Live Support System When we say live support, we mean it. InnovationX has selected trusted members of the community to serve as Live Support Operators. We always have 3 Live Support Operators online. Each Live Support Operator has been chosen according to their time-zone and languages spoken. For example, when it is 3:00 AM in the United States, there will be Australian and Asian Live Support Operators online, as across the earth it is 3:00 PM and many will need support. MOST of our Live Support Operators are fluent in more than 1 language, in fact some are so well, they speak 4 different languages! We currently use LiveZilla FREE for our Live Support system. Dedication To It's Best InnovationX is dedicated to serving customers, such as you. We want you to experience a new type of private server, one in which is a democracy. We don't do things without asking your opinion of it first. Nearly all of our updates have fair-polls that are open to the public. People can vote whether or not the update would enhance InnovationX. ALL of our staff members are voted on by current staff members, keeping staff quality upright. The Forums Here at InnovationX, we hate illegal affairs. Our vBulletin forums are PAID as well as our themes. Here's a few facts: Our forums are ACTIVE. Unlike other server's forums, when you post something, expect it to be answered in a few minutes, not a few weeks. Here at InnovationX we are proud to have one of the most active forums in RSPS. Premium Membership Premium Membership costs only $5.50 and it will help the server greatly. It is a one-time payment and will never have to pay again. Here is what you get: Server Benefits: Fishing and Cooking skills Ability to wear 3rd age armor Ability to wear Bandos armor 1.5x more than the normal experience of a player 2x the pest control points of a normal player .25x the zombie points as a normal player Indian Chief Pet which cures you of poison Pet Dragon which heals you Personal banker to follow you around and you can access your bank through him 2x the chance to get a christmas cracker than a normal player In-game premium sign Premium Only Zone! ::explockon (You will no longer gain experience) ::explockoff (You will gain experience again) Forum Benefits: Special colored name Exclusive premium+ forum Higher quality support Monthly name changes Extreme Membership For those of you who want a bigger edge on the other players, you can purchase Extreme Membership for, the same as before, a one-time payment of $12.50. This will go a long way in helping us pay for our servers and add new content. Here is what you get. Remember, this is on top of everything premiums get (you get everything above, plus what is below): Server Benefits: 4x the chance to get a Christmas cracker drop from the Sea Troll Queen or King Black Dragon 4x the pest control points as a normal member .5x the zombie points of a normal player 2x the experience gained from every skill than normal members Access to using the Skeleton Mage Pet to help you train and kill NPC's Different in-game premium sign Forum Benefits: Exclusive purple colored name Bi-weekly name changes Skills - We have them all!
  6. First is nice, don't really like the others
  7. Project Insanity isn't 474
  8. I remember the good days in 2005 :'( I remember being like level 7 with iron chain, no legs, and iron long and going to barb village and saying "I got unlimited k" because I thought that coins were called "k" since every1 used the term and I was 8 so stfu. lol
  9. Actually he was asking for opinions on how the song sounds. And you realize forum game's don't count?
  10. The question is, when did you start RSPS? I started playing RS in late 2005 and RSPS in mid-2007.
  11. The spot where it makes your player attack add this. if(NonWild()) { sendMessage("You cannot attack other player's in a safe-zone!"); return; }
  12. Why do you people like techno or any of this bullcrap music? Why can't you listen to normal music like rock and no not not gay black metal.