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  1. DetoX

    Offering host

    offering hosting for a project or startup. Allowing access through VNC. Web hosting has to be done somewhere other than this server. 24/7 Skype me @ That_Cracker_Zach 8 vCores 3.2GHz CPU 8GB RAM 250GB Hard Drive 1 Gbit/s Connection Unlimited Transfer Anti-DDoS Protection
  2. DetoX

    Goofing around

    [quote name='Tysonn']That's way badass.[/QUOTE] hah, thanks bro
  3. DetoX

    Goofing around

    Was goofing around in my AP GI class, decided... t' hell with it! SELF PORTRAIT TIME!!!! Lol any comments? He gave this to us as a class project afterwards, had to use repetitional patterns and what not [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/nbwzef.jpg[/IMG] Sorry a little bit blurry, i'll replace it with the photoshop document saved as a better quality image, once i get back to my school computer.
  4. [quote name='SiniSoul']SQLite is better.[/QUOTE] Yea, know of any good tuts or guides to this type of programming using SQL? I know how to work with databases from WoW private servers, and forum editing... Just no idea how someone would convert this into sql :P
  5. So.. yea... I have been out of the private server "game" for a while now.... I see quite a few posts about the servers implementing SQL into their servers... Is this SQL such as like MySQL and able to be edited through DB Editors such as HiediSQL or other such things... Since when has SQL been anywhere near RS?? lol.. Pretty much.. I stopped playing private servers / coding them around EARLY 508's, when they were glitchy as fwuk Any discussion or tips to start back up in the biz?
  6. Awesome server, may just have to work with this in my down time for fun :P
  7. Perhaps anti-leech? Just a thought..
  8. [CENTER][B][SIZE=7][FONT=Impact][COLOR="#00FF00"]..//**DetoX Hosting**\\.. [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER] If there is any information that i have seemed to leave out, or you would like to know.. Just post it here or add me on Skype/MSN. [B][U][SIZE=3]Intro:[/SIZE][/U][/B] Hi, I have recently come across a under-used (if any use) PC of mine, that I would love to help someone out and host a server for them! I have always loved a good RuneScape Private Server, and have yet to find one that has really caught my attention to put my effort and time into one, and I hope that the server you are presenting for me to host will hit these feelings hard. **I require will be that the server is not leeched, you have forums, and will dedicate your time to actually improving the server. **Team Viewer will be setup so that you may control this computer from a remote location. **Will setup daily communication from hoster to the server owner. **I will not be coding ANYTHING within this private server. **If you have one setup for your server, an auto re-starter can be put to use with this. [CENTER][B][U]Computer Prospects:[/U][/B] The computer is a 32-bit operating system. [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2lmp0ck.jpg[/IMG] [B]Total Space available [U]PURELY[/U] to your server will be 150gb storage. This is a Sata Hard drive:[/B] [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/10dbjbb.jpg[/IMG] [CENTER][/CENTER] [B]Connection Speed:[/B] [img]http://www.speedtest.net/result/1924690364.png[/img][/CENTER] Contact Me: [COLOR="#0000FF"]MSN [/COLOR]- [email][email protected][/email] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Skype [/COLOR]- that_cracker_zach OR Private Messages through here (preferably as a last resort). -----------------Will require a chat to discuss multiple things about the server before any agreement.
  9. I may be able to do it... Free if I tend to like the server [email][email protected][/email] or [email][email protected][/email]
  10. Are you SkrillerX from Xilent?

  11. Theres no normal downloadable client? I hate webclients : /
  12. [quote name='LydKid']80% of maids are named 'rosa'... If you thought that was true... Chances are your racist.[/QUOTE] what about if we just laughed about it? even though we knew it wasn't true.. lol
  13. "beat her racist ass to the ground.... but im not going to do that.... i'll tell you what im going to do.... BOO!!!!" ... hilareous how she hands him her purse like instantly lol
  14. [quote name='BIG D']your point is....?[/QUOTE] his point is... it doesn't matter how many character files you have in your server... if its offline or your selling your source... its not like we gain anything from buying your source but files.. not players..