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  1. h yes im joining because you have highscores
  2. fargreenlight

    Getting in Shape

    you can lose muscle if you run a lot so if you want muscle do more lifting baby
  3. this server is gonna be so hot
  4. WTF is lovefilm never heard of that it sounds like a place where u can find romantic, porno stuff :p
  5. ahhh it looks so good when will it be out?
  6. does this have skilling is this even out?
  7. Hey guys im selling bonds for 1.3m each if you want one pm here or add me on skype: Fargeenlight
  8. what router do u have?
  9. Does this thing updates? im still at 88 in here
  10. Hey it work there was some kind of browser hacking thing that i had but yeah it cleared thx man