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    Honestly, it really depends on what content you're looking for. Generally, sort by replies/views over in the downloads section of the RuneLocus forums, and they should have some source files to get you going. If you're wanting to go online with said files, you'll need to find a host (either run it from your PC, or find a provider online)
  2. Still wanting a hand? It really depends on which source files you've gone with; different developed codebases will use different setups. If you link me which you used (perhaps in a dm) I'll download my own copy and find out for you if you'd like?
  3. firesparq

    Graphical Issue

    Ok, can i first say: Why has no one ever posted anything about how to upgrade your cache's to load a higher animation/graphical textures? I'm forever seeing server's advertising "317 loading 667" and not knowing how they do it. Could someone explain it or link me to it please? I know it has something to do with ripping it from another clients cache, but i have no idea how to intergrate it. Thanks ahead, Firesparq
  4. ok, i figured out what my issue was. The webhost i was using was blocking access to the mySQL database. My credentials were all correct but i was restricted by privileges set by the website. thanks to anyone that helped contribute.
  5. 317 Delta, how do you do that? I created a username during the creation of my database, and assigned its values with my cp names infront as instructed. But how do i modify the access permissions?
  6. Ok, so i have the database setup, and it did log once. But i've fixed up the coding so its how it should be. But now i'm getting the error that the username can't access my MySQL database. How do set it up so that it accepts the creation of the log?
  7. Hey, sorry to slightly grave-dig here, but i need some help quite badly. I have MySQL setup i think, but for some reason the voting system ins't logging the votes, thus preventing people from getting their reward. Any help would be great. Firesparq
  8. Hey man, could you add me on skype please? I'm in need of some clarifying assistance. Ash.Rowlando

  9. firesparq

    Coding Chunks

    What i mean is, when there isn't already code avaliable. What are the steps you guys go through to create your own. Because honestly, i have no idea where to start.
  10. It seems to happen to me when i upload my own cache and alter it to load it. I always seem to get this issue. If you find an answer, could you PM me please.
  11. firesparq

    Coding Chunks

    Hey guys, I've been very in and out of RSPS' but i've decided to finally stop and learn the java code before i attempt to do any major alterations. It's been about a month since i've started and a question has been bugging me...How do i code chunks of code in. Let me explain this. First off, i understand the language and the various concepts, however since i haven't found any database as of yet which contains all the content you can add to the server, i'm assuming that people code their own chunks together. (no duh) But i'm unsure as to where to start. Is there a series of steps i can take to creating something or does it just require quite a bit of knowlege of java to be able to create something from scratch. So essentially, the base line question is: "What is it you do to create major parts of your RSPS and how do you go about it". Thanks ahead for anyone that contributes. Firesparq
  12. Hey man, next chance you have could you check your messages please?

  13. Hey all, Just a quick question. I was wondering if there is a means to compress the size of the clients cache. For example a source I'm looking at now has a cache of 220mb, which is slightly ridiculous for players to have to download to run the server. Hopefully someone will know. Cheers Firesparq
  14. Hey Guys, Firesparq here, This time i have a bug that i have no idea how to fix. Every now and again while playing on my server, the client just randomly crashes. There are no forwarnings, no error reports and no ideas from me. Does anyone know what is wrong/how to fix it. Cheers Firesparq