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  1. Okay well I've litterally looked everywhere and i cant find out how to delete walls. I looked in object manager and couldnt find anything. Can someone please help? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9748[/ATTACH] Thanks!
  2. Alright I've searched every single website on google dealing with how to make it so Lamps give xp..Nothing has worked..Can anybody teach me, or give me a link to a website that works.. I got it so when you click on the lamp the interface pops up. You can select the skill, hit confirm, You get NO XP and the lamp disappears...How can i make it give you xp?
  3. Alright I Was wondering how can you add an item to drop automatically on death. For example when they die they 100% drop bones, I want it to drop another item 100% of the time. How can i do that? I've Searched google for ever and still no help. Thanks in advance
  4. Can anybody help me I'm getting an error "No response from loginserver, Please try again in a minute" When I try to login, I changed all the ips to connect to mine.. and it won't let me login on local host.. Please help? BTW its a PI
  5. I added the Completionist Cape Into my server using Scotticus Guide, but the cape shows up in the Inventory but when I wear it turns invisible. I've searched google and still can't find a answer, Please help :d
  6. I tried adding the completionist cape into my Server, it shows up in my inventory but when I wear it makes me invisible, and the item itself is invisible? Please help..
  7. so it cant be fixed at all?
  8. not sure how to put it in HD...But do you know how to fix it without HD?
  9. I added the Tokhaar-kal Cape a few minutes ago, And when I equip it it makes anything in the chest area invisible? How can I fix this? Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]6066[/ATTACH]
  10. Okay Its a little wierd in edgeville wilderness after you kill somebody like a normal player they keep their items...? but The Admins Lose their items when they die..? Can somebody Please help me? I want the normal players to lose their items and The admins keep their items...