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  1. Fixed it...Titador(a friend of mine) and I spent many hours trying to fix it, many thanks by the way, but after debugging the main void in client.java I realized the process was being terminated after attempting to execute "signlink.startpriv(InetAddress.getByName(server));" The static string server was defined under an IP that is, after 3 years, no longer valid, I switched it to localhost aka and it worked...My god. Thanks titador ;)
  2. Hi, I just downgraded to java 6, jdk 6_24 and it still doesn't seem to work...The server works fine, I tried a newer PI client and it was able to connect, however with graphical bugs all over, ofcourse. No errors pop up yet the process terminates immediately. Weird.. Kind regards, Sanchez
  3. As title stated, I've recovered a 3 year old project of mine and I tried to run it, the source loads fine as far as I can tell however the client does not. There were some issues with a classpath but I resolved them using the -cp command but now the client won't load. It just gives me the cmd prompt with "Press any key to continue" and no client window popping up. Does anyone have any idea? I have teamviewer & Skype if needed. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Sanchez
  4. This is a legit guy, he accepted my order on skype and finished it in 40 mins :D
  5. Bought it at other forum from him, hes a good guy, trustfull and nice. :) I bought a pro gif for 4.75, took a while to be precisely what i wanted, but everytime i said i don't like it, he just started over and tried again.. the result is amazing! I'd recommend this guy!
  6. Lol.. why would you need to go in 'depth' for that.. its easy vanweele, go to ServerRoot\src\server\model\players\packets\ClickObject.java You'll see it at ~line 26 the c.sendmessage line just comment the whole piece of code it with /* & */ or //
  7. @SMF So basically your asking money for something that is free and pretty much copy & paste work and some basic knowledge? @simple coding I lol'd when i read that part.
  8. I got 4 anti virus programs, all detected a virus + in every .bat is a START autorestarter.exe line Suspicious??? I'm not going to use this nomore edit: I just saw this thread is 2 months old, even still.. people may still download this "crap".
  9. Go to ServerRoot > src > server > models > players > PlayerAssistant.java and search for: public void addStarter() for example this is the code for 2million gp c.getItems().addItem(995,2000000); 995 = item ID 2000000 = Amount of Item ID Easy?
  10. Hmm make sure its above: [code] c.getPA().sendFrame171(0, 7574); specialAmount(weapon, c.specAmount, 7586); [/code]
  11. The fix is easy, put it under case 11694 , in ItemAssistant.java, AddSpecialBar. Worked for me :))
  12. You might want to check: YourServerFolder\Data\cfg\NPCDrops.cfg
  13. Are you a free co-coder? edit: If so, you can help me, and i can help you.. As i created my own webclient
  14. still need help with the special attack.