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  1. What's your msn?

  2. The WIZ

    yo go on msn when your free manzzzz

  3. [quote name='dropthebeat']canyouseeme.org canyouseeme.org= Error: I could not see your service on on port (43594) Reason: Connection timed out my ports: aslo i asked my mate who had his server he said make one for 80 so i did basically same as the ones in pic but 80 right in the next one he also said to change the ip on my client to my no-ip's ip and the ip on players clients set to my computers ip app------start-end---protocol--ip-----------enable Sever-43594-43594-both---122.222.2.[2]==[X] Server-80-----80----both---122.222.2.[2]==[X] latest ports help plawks my ip on my client, players, main one, are set to my no ip's ip also how do i hide my ip i dont want to use my actual up in the players client they can easily find it and dos/ddos me o.o also phat pm me when your on i guess my other account just got deleted or something since it woudlt let me log in and i regestered using the excat same info from last time[/QUOTE] Smart move, you posted your ip LOOL. You use no-ip to hide your ip.
  4. I will add you, do this for $3, i made over 40 webclients.
  5. Giants. Ravens stand no chance in winning, they were so sloppy.
  6. [quote name='Yesimanub']Let me make a contract. and you sign it over teamviewer.[/QUOTE] LOOOOLLLL, what makes you think that anyone will follow it, plus if they break it you can't do anything, your under parental control. Did I just out smart you? Hmm..
  7. Talked on msn, I would be interested on making the forum and maybe getting the domain.
  8. Happy b-day newb xD
  9. Yes, i do, which is like 7m. Still doing this! For $3 or 7m!