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    Happy 420

    I Agree With you There XD[quote name='Potstyle']Americans..[/QUOTE]
  2. AirForceOne

    Happy 420

    Happy 4 20 to you too :)[quote name='J i m b o']To all my fellow pot heads and stoners! [IMG]http://i1107.photobucket.com/albums/h388/jah_man420/a-pot-leaf-smoke.gif[/IMG][/QUOTE]
  3. Well, I don't care what Ya are saying Now. So Sunlexor If you Do need Help just message me And I Will. I will Also Show You My Server. And Ill Show you My Reference's Of Old Staff in other Servers.
  4. [quote name='Emily']Herp da fucking derp. You truly don't know anything do you? Proof? If you can program you should be able to easily write some 'shit' up quickly to even show a shitty understanding of Java/Programming. But yet you think programming 'rsps' is actually programming. Hate to inform you that leeching is just not what the real world calls 'programming' now a days. Edit: There is a edit button for a reason, no need to double post your already moronic post.[/QUOTE] Also, I Programmed WorldOfWar Craft Servers. I Made 2 Games. I Programmed Automatic Web Client Makers, I have not Just Dealt with RSPS Well in Your Case Leeching -.-
  5. [quote name='Vesta Main']Just Dont Lie, and you can get proof from previous servers you have made/ coded. EDIT: what can you code ^^?[/QUOTE] Really? I'm Not Think that All you Want As i Said got No Previous Server Data Bases On my Pc.
  6. I'm talking the Tough shit? my Pc been Wiped and i got nothing on other sites no more. So that's why I have no Proof on PastServer's Or pics[quote name='Emily']Exactly you can't program, stop talking tough shit.[/QUOTE]
  7. I'm talking the Tough shit? my Pc been Wiped and i got nothing on other sites no more. So that's why I have no Proof on PastServer's Or pics
  8. [quote name='Vesta Main']look at guides and learn to make your own, you will get experience , you will then be proud to say "I coded a rsps, all by myself"[/QUOTE] That's how i started :)
  9. Well, I Don't got nothing on past Servers no More I Had one called Legend Scape But people won't remember that to much. Do to PC being Wiped I have No Proof. [quote name='Journal']Past servers perhaps?[/QUOTE]
  10. Girl xD Where am I gonna to find that ?;)
  11. Actually I Agree With you there :) I gave out a Pos to a guy And he REALLY abused the pos and the hole server was all messed up. Everyone had Prings SO I took That out and Made it only I can 1hit. And I had to Demote :/ So Agree :)[quote name='Journal']I never said they weren't, but I've had successful ones too. Surely you should realize just handing out positions to anyone no matter how good of "experience" they have, can be end up having drastic consequences.[/QUOTE]
  12. All my Servers Are Successful , And the One im running now.
  13. I Bet he Has Tried That. But No Success All I want Is Staff Pos to Get it Up and Running -.-
  14. Well, I could Help But ya Gotta Explain What Your hole Prob is Reply Back